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itThat thedrunkardfrnneth rnoflgrieuotsfy againft himfelf. felues to filch an vnfatiable thirfl, that they cannot lit with- out thecup at their elbow. §. ,Se.4. Fourthly, whereas man by creation is the mofl excellent The drunkard ofall the creatures , being created according to Godsowne maketbhim- Image , by this vice he maketh himfelfe equal! with the felfeworJ beails,for he is deprived thereby, not onelyofpiety, but of then i (gag . humanity , euenofhisvnderflanding and reafon , wherein he diifereth from a beat} farre more then in his outward fhape; yea in truth in diuers refpe6ls he maketh himfelfe in- femur to the brutifh creatures, for he muchmore degene- rateth from the excellency of his creation ; he depriueth himfelfe, not only ofthevieof his reafon , but allo ofhis fenfes , not of his vnderilandingalone , but of his (lan- ding andmotion alfo; for when he flandeth , he is ready to fall,arìdwhen hemooueth, herecleth and flaggereth. Lafl- ly,he is farre more intemperate then almofl any beat}; for when they haue eaten fufficient, they will Bate no more, andwhen they hauedrunke ro quench their thirfl,and to fa- tisfienature,they cannot be forced by any violence to drink againe ; whereas thefe tiplers drinke double and treble more then they need, andnot onelyCatisfie nature,butallo glut and opprefîe it with fuperfluity. s,.SeEi . S. Laf}ly, this finnebringethmen topouerty andwant, for Drunkennefje they confurne their wealth at the wine, and fwallow downe bringethpo- their wholeelate ,andCo it conmeth topaiie, that hauing uerty. fpent all infuperfluities, in the end they wantnecellaríes,& becaule in their youth they will drinke nothing but wine, they are oftentimes cons}rained in their old age todrinke water.So it is laid, Prou.2i.t 7.He that louethpaflimefhall be buta pooreman,andbee that louethwineandoile(hall notbee .zr 17 rich And Pro.23.2 t . Thedrunkardand thegluttonfhallbee 23.11 poore,and thefleeperpallbe clothedwith ragges. y. Set.6. And thefe,withmany more euils,this vicebringeth to the The drunk:rd whole man.Belides which commonmifchiefes it is alloper- finnesbagainft nitious tohis feueral parts : for firfl it infatuateth thevnder- hiefeueratl flanding,peruerteth thewill, and corrupteth all the atfedi- parts, and ons.To this ur ofe onefaith:Vbi regnat ebrietaa ratio exu- againß his p P g pule. lat,intelleEltss obtunditur,confïlia deuiat, iudiciafubucrtun- toro