Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Oat thedrun4ardfnnethmofgriestoufly againfix himfelf. 95 tur : Where drunkcnnetreraigneth as King , there reafon is banilbedas an exile , the vnderllanding is dulled,cottntell wandreth,and judgement isouerchrown. With this accord. ethSeneca his definitionofdrunkenneffe : Nihilaliudeft e. brietas qu,im voluntaria infan' Drunkenneff'e is nothing elfe but a voluntary madneffe: Extende inpluresdies ilium briumhabitum,nunquid defuroredubitabis ? I fth i s drunken habit be continued for many dales together, x%ho would make any doubt but that the party wereout of hiswits r Nzincqtoquc non e/ u e u e gminor,fedbreuior: But take it as it is,and it is no letfe madnetie théfrenzy,but only 11iorter.Although then drunkenneffe be notdiredmadnefie, yet to Ipeake the beI},itis a temporary forfeitureofthewits ; & in this ittnu( needs be confetfed to be worfe then frcnzy,in that this is vi- olent,that voluntary;thisthe euil of punifhdnenr,but that the euill offinne.Yea this vicedoth not only rob menofreafon, butalfoof commonCedde, fo as theycan neither preuenr fu- ture danger, nor feelepreien t hum . And this theWife man inburlymauer expreffeth,Prou. 23.34. where he faith,that Pro Z ; theBrun ardfhall bee as one thatfleepeth in themiddef ofthe 3 34 35 fea,andas be thatfleepeth in the topofthe matt. 3 5. Theyhaue .frich. en me,Thal hefay ,but 1was not fcke;theyhaue beatenme but 1knew not when Iawoke therefore Iwillfekeityetstill. A notable example hereofwehaue in Lot,whowas fo besot- tedwith drinke,anddepriuedof fenfeand realon,that vntcit- tinglyhe committed incef}with his own daughters, neither knowingwhen they laydowne, norwhen they rolevp. Soen.19.3 ) that whiles: drunkenneffe la(feth it bath thefame operation with deadlypoifon; for it intoxicateth the braine, benum- meth thefenies,infeebleth the jointsand finewes, and bring- eth a tan intoa temporary lethargy . Hence it is,that Cyrru in hischildhood being asked by his grandfather eflftiaíges,cropii why at the feat} hedid not drinke wine; returned this an- clia cyri.lib. a (were full of witty fsmplicity; Becaufe (laid he) I tooke it to be poifon : for at the laff feats I obferued that thofe who drinke ofit , were Toone after depriued of theirvnderfhan. ding and fenfes. Whereby appeareth the odioufneffeof this finne : for lilt bee a hatefull thing for a man to wound his owne