Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

That the drunkardfznneth mqffgrieuoufiy4g44 himfelfe .9 man can take to corne withpolling halle to immature age and vnnaturall weaknes. Laflly,it fhortneth the life andbringeth vntimely death. §.Sea.,. For to faynothing ofthofe dangers vntowhich they expofe Drunkenwp themfelues, by quarelling and brauling in the time of their (horteneth the drunkennes inwhichmany haueperifhed, & to paffe them is /eth e vra and time brinlg. ouerwho having loft the flerneofreafon, wherewith they deatb. Mouldguide themfelues, haue as itwere (lathed againfaun- happy accidents,and fomade fhipwrack oftheir liues;fome on the land,forre in the water,foine in the flreetes,and fome in theditches; howmany are therewho hauedrunke them- felues dead,andhaue prefently died, with theweapon as it were in their belly? fo that there needed not any Iury togo upon thent,to finde out the caufeof their death,it being no more fudden,thé the caufe apparant. Whofe deaths charity it felfe muff needs iudge mofl miferable, feeing theydie in their fins,and are taken away inGods iufl wrath,euen whi- lefl they arefacrificing their foules vnto Satan.Butyet fmall is the number ofthofe who perifh in this apoplexy of drun- kennes, in cbparifonofthole multitudeswhom it lingring- ly confumeth; for it dothby littleand littlequench the na- turallheat,and drownethe vital( fpirits, and fo leadethmen though not byfo dire& a paffage,yet but a littlewayabout to their graues, as certainly though not fo fpeedily. For it bringeth crudity to the llomacke, and ach to the head, rheumes, innpoflumes, gouts, confitmptions, apoplexies, whereofmenperifh : andfohowfoeuer drunkennes is not the mother,yet it is the grandmother oftheir death, though méare afhatned(likevpflarts in our times) that it fhould de- nine it pedigree fo far,for fobale akinred,& therefore inti- tle it after thename ofthe next parent. Neither in truth can there bee any caufc alledged that maketh this our age fo weak,difeafed,&fhort liued,which beareth greater fway in producing thefe miferableeffeEls,then drunkënes & intem- perance. It is true indeed that the world now waxing old, and as it were horeheaded,cannot generate childrenoffuch Ilrength andvigour, as it did in the time ofyouth, and full firength; and therefore wemuff needs decline) as the world declineth,