Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

96 That thedrunkard finnethmotgrietioufy againfl himfelf, owne fleth, and wilfully to maimsthe members ofhis bodie; how abominable is it towound theminde it felfe,and to of- fer violenceagain(' our reafon and vnderflanding i Ifit bea crime tooffer violenceagainf'the fubieìls,then furely to lay vio'cnt hands upon the King himfelfc,and to pul himout of his regall throne, mutt needs be condemned as outragious wickedne(Te. And thus the drunkard t nneth againfl his ownefoule. Neither is he a better fricndor idle injurious tohis body: forfir(' he deformeth it anddefaccth that goodly feature,in which it was created ; according to that,Vinoforma perit,vi.. nocorrumpitur eta : By winebeauty perifheth , andthevi- gour of age is difabled . Neither is therealmott anypart of the body which is not difordered and deformed with this viceof drunkcnnetfe; their eyes become red, their faces inflamed , their breath noifome , their fpeech hammering, their bodies flaggering,theirgeflures apifh,andall their acti- ons fooli(h.And hence it was that theLacederrioniâs vied to Thewvnto their children their Helots and flaues in the time oftheir drunkenneffe, thinking that their vgly deformity . both inbody and minde would bean effeetuall argument to make them lothe this viceawhich cuen at thefirfl view ihcw- ed foodious. g.SeEf.8. Secondly,as it deFormeth the body; fo all() it difableth it; Lit d:fabteth turning flrength into weakenefe, and health into fickneffe. and ra,eaknetls For as theearth it felfe with too much moiflureis turned in- tbebody. to boggcs andquagmires; fo alto is thebody thereby whol- ly corrupted,and(through the redundance ofhumours,the naturall heatebeingextinguifhed) is brought vntogrieuous difeafes,asdropfies, gouts,palles,apoplexies, and fuck like. So that cuen in this ref-pea the drunkard buyeth his beaflly plcafure at ahigh rate: for, as one faith,Ebrietas vniuuhors senec.epift.49. hilaraminfaniam, longi tempori: tediopenfat:Drunkenneffe requiceth one houresmerry madneffc,with a long and tedi- ous time offorrow and repentance. As therefore fobriety & temperance is the bet' nurfeto preletue health andcontinue f'rength; fo drunkenne(Te,exccffc &furfcttingare thefpee- diea meancsto ouerthrQw them, &the rcadiefl way whicha man §.Seef.7. How the drun- kard (inneth a- gaittft his body: z .byd=forming it. Proper(. lib. s. eieg.vlt.