Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

ïooThat theetunkard f :aneth metgrietsotefy again'? himfelf nogoodfruiterofholinefeandrighteoufneffe. Tea ratherbeing. turned intobogges andmarifhes, they arefit to breed nothing in them but vglieferpents, frogs, and vermine : that iù,allma_ ner ofabominablefinnesand loathfame"wickedneffe. §.Seí?.I2. Thirdly, as drunkenneífe weakeneth the fpirite and the Drunkennee gifts thereof; fo it flrengtheneth the flefh & the lulls there- i?re:rgthenetb of. Nowwee know that the flefh, and flefhly lufls are our the sand mortal]. enemies, which continually. fight againfi our foules, thereof. as it is i.Pet.z .II . fo that" the viótoryofthe flefh is the Chri- r.Pet, 3.11. flans ouerthrow, and the welfare thereof his deflru&ion. What folly therefore is it to arme our enemy againfl our felues,and to put in his hand a fwordwhich will pearce our owne hearts ? What m.adneffe is it when the enemy is ready to glue a (harp affault, topull downe the Ovals of our owne City, and to lay open large breaches whereat he may make a free entrance ? Andyet this folly doe thefemen commit, who pamper the belly and addis themfelues to this fenfu- all volnptuoufneffe, as the Wifernan plainly fheweth, Pro. Irou.25.2.8. 25.2F. Aman that refrained) nothiSappetite, islikea CitiQ which is brokendowne andwithout wallet. Yea euen the Hea- then man Crates,difcerned this by the light ofnature : for' feeingayoung man growen fat andpur(ie, with pampering his belly,hee cried out vnto him, Omifer, defneaduerfus te- ipfumcarcerem munire : O wretch, kaue offto 'flrengthen thyprifon againfl thy felfe. But this folly will appeare to be fo much greater, if wee further confider our owne weake- neffe,and the flrength of our enemy; for if he be fo mighty that wehardlie obtaine the vilorywhen wee are.armedat all points with the Chriílian armour, and haue doneour bell indeauor to weakenhim bywithdrawing his food, and munition, by fafling and watehfulneffe; what can wee ex- pe&but a fhamefull ouerthrow, when wee haue not onely difarmed our felues of the fpirituall armour, and fo are left naked,but alto hauehartned our enemywith flore offood, and armedhim at all points againfl our felues ? Anotable example heereofweehaue in Lot, who though bee floutly fought the Lords battailes againfl the wicked worldlings, and receivednotfomuch as a folle ; yet when he hadpam.- creel'