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That thedr unkard"'methmoffgrieuoisfiy atgainft himfelf, i oY pered his owne flea' with drunkenneffe, and fo flrengthe- ned his enemy againfi himfelfe, bee receiued a íhatnefull o- uerthrow. And this Origen obferued Ebrietasdecipit quern Or;g.Idam. S. Sodomy nondecepit: Drunkenneffe (faith he) deceiued him inGene¡, whom all Sodome couldnot deceiue. The iaf} fpirituall euill which the drunkardbringeth vpon Dr ne ? himfelfe, is finali impenitency ; for they who addict them- iavfàaúyac. feines to this vice, doe find it fo fweete and pleafing to the comparied flefh,that they are loth topart with it,and by long cul}ome with firtaülm they turne delight intoneceffity, & bring vpon themfelues penitencie fuch an vnfatiable thirfa.that they will as willinglykaue to hue, as leaue their exceífìuc drinking ; and howfoeuer the manifold mifchiefes into which they plunge themfelues, ferueas fo many forcible arguments todiffwade them from this vice, yet againft all rules ofreafon, they hold fall their conclufion,that comewhat come may, they will not leaue their drunkéncs. And this commeth topaffe,partlybecaufe they areCo bewitched with their finne, and fo lulled afleepe with theirfenffall pleafures, that they neither regardGods word, nor yet his workes,whereby hee calleth them to re- pentance.So theProphet Efay faith ofthedrunkards ofIfra- el, that they continued in frommorning tonight,& theyhad the harpe and the viole, the timbrill and thepipe, and wine in theirfeafls ; but they regarded not theworke of the Lord,neither confidercd theworkes of his hands,Efa. 5.t 1.t 2. Ifa4.11.2 r; Andpartlybecaufe they are defperately refolued to conti- nue in their courfe, notwithffanding they plainly d:fcerne the Innumerable euils which they bring vpon themfelues. And this the wife man, in tnolfliue'iymaner expreffeth,Pro. Pro11:13.35 : 23.3 5. They haueflrucken me,willthe drunkardfay,but Iwas notfcize; they haue beatenme, but Iknew it not when Iawoke, therefore' willfeeke ityet All. So the drunkards incourage one another in their drunkeiineffe, Efay 56.t 2. Come Iwill Ifa.56iz bringwine,andwewill fill ourfelues withflrongdrink!, and to morrow ¡hall bee as this day,andmuch moreabundant. B}7 all which it plainely appeareth, that the drunkard ofall 'other dinners is. moll hardly reclaimed from his vice ; in regard A gsfl.dr- vhercofÁuftire compareth drunkennes to the pit ofhill, v` ar`ebyast .0 .3 into