Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

7hat drunkennefeu the cause ofmany otherfins. 105 Iay vice open to the publike view, fo. that thenefpecially the proudman is molt insolent and arrogant ; the lafciui- ous man moil wanton andfilthy; the cholericke manmolt furious andoutragious,hauing norefpeót of perfon,nor re- gardofany prefence. And as it cloth difcouer oldvices, fo it caufeth men to §.Sed 4 fall intonew finnes; for not only it maketh them ridiculous Drunkenneffe in all their behauiour, and expofeth them to the fcorne and carefet1 mento derifion of all the beholders ; but alfo more thenbarba- f°fl into other roufly vnciuill , and heathenishly wicked. While(} NoahHier.epifi. ad was ouertaken with this vice, bee (hewed his nakedneffe,ocean. and laied himfelfe open tobee derided ofhis owne wicked fcnne, difcouering thole fecrets ofnature, in onehonres drunkenuelfe, which fixe hundred yeares foberneffe had kept couered and hid ; and this which was once done by Noah in his firs}and laf+drunkennes, is common andvfuall with thofe who accuslome themfelues to this vice; for that which a modef}man fhameth to do in a fecret chamber,they impudentlya6i in the open fireets.In whichrefpe6l it is tru- lyverified of thofewho firil fall into this vice, which Sene- 61iú.83. ca generally fpeaketh ofall drunkards : Malta e6r faciunt gui6udfobr/ erusbefcunt : Drunkards (faithhe) doe many things in the time of their drunkennes , of which they are ashamed when they are fober, howfoeuer long cuflome hardeneth the face, and maketh men void ofall shame. So that ifthere were noother reafon towithdraw any ingenu- Pythagor,d ous nature from this vice, this were fufficient, ifwhen he is a?ud Plutarch JtO sober hewould call tomindwhat he hath Paid and done in liv'1G0`ontra the time ofhis drunkennes. But as this vice of drunkennes doth call a manheadlong § Sea c into vnhonefl aflions,and barbarous inciuility ; fo into all Drurkrnxe(fe mauer of horrible firmes and outragious wickedneffe, and the caufrof efpecially into thofe twohainous crimes of murther and a- murtber. dultery. Forwhen the heart boileth, with vnnaturall beate, and the head is dcpriued ofthevfe ofnatural reafon andvn- dertlanding, then choller fupplying the place of wifdome, men are apt to entertains difcord & contention, and when theyhaue skirmifhed a while with words, all parties being I' as