Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

104 ?hat drxnkenne.fe it thteaufe ofmanyotherfanner, while(} they labour to hide their drunkenneffe, they plainly' difcouer it by their .muchbabling. 5.SeEt.2. But as drunkennes is the caufeofmuch idle and vain tal- 2. It is the king, Ço alfo of much leaud and wicked talking : for as the caufe ofbi[. drunkards hart is inflamedwith wine,fo is his tongue fet on ked talking. firebyhell, flamingout as it were the flunking fulphureof wicked &vngratious fpeeches. Ifhebe wantonlydifpofed, then he vttereth nothing but ribauldrie and obfcene filthi- nes,v;hick wil make chaPc eares toglow as lnuch withheat, as his facewith wine: for whenbymuch drinking theheart is-inflamedwith lull, it canno more bee hid then fire in the bofome,but frnokethout in ribauld fpeeches & filthy com- munication. But if choller haue the predominance in this drunken fubie&,thenBoth it flew it felfe in raging, railing, and reuiling fpeeches, fo as there is, nomans .credit which theyare not ready to impeach ; no fex, (fate, or condition, whom theydo not load with their opprobries; no fan &ua- ry fo fafe, which canpriuiledgea mans name from the vio- lent fury oftheir flanderous tongues. Yea,and as though it werenot impiety enough tobeeat defiance with thewhole earth, they doemake warre alfo again(( heauen, and belch out blafphemies again(( their Creator, fwcaling ar;dfor- fwearingthemfelues upon euery vaine occafion, & renting peecemeale the facredperfon ofourSauiour,as though this were the fitteff meanes to Phew their furious choller againff men,by defpitingGod himfelfe. Neither is this vice of drunkenneffe onely fruitfull in runkenne.Je foolifh and wicked wordes, but alfo in a6lions difcoueretb their fpeeches:forthenthey (hew themfelues moff odioufly ot,ber finnes. wicked,bothbecaufe they difcouer that nakednefleofvice, which at other times they hide, and alto runne into new outrages whichare thevfuall companions of this fin. For there is almoff no vicewhich drunkenneffe doth not both intend and increafe, and all() lay open and manifeff ; for whereas fhamefaffneffe,at other timesmaketh men refraine from their beloued vices, or at leaf( tohide and difguife se/1.14.83. them,drunkennefrebanifhingall flame and modefftie,doth lay