Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

That drunkenneffe is thecattfe manyfearefullpunyhments.i 07 Wine maketh an open paffage into theheart forIntl to en- ter. Anexample whereofwehaue in theSodomites, whoa- bounding in drunkcnneffe & belly-cheere, fell into all ma- ner ofvnlawfulllufis,both nacurall,& againft nature,andfo being heatedwith the fire of concupifcence, they became fit fuell for the fire of Gods wrath and fearefull vengeance. And ofthis Lots daughters hawing experience, by reafon of their wicked neighbor-hood, remembred their fin,but for- got theirpunil`hment; and defiring to raife vnto thernfelues an incefluous poflerity, not hawing any hope, in regardof Gea,.y,3L. their fathers godlines to accomplifh their deli re, they make himdrunke, not doubtingbut that lull would follow, if drunkenneffe did goe before. The like experiment Dauid made vponVriah,although without like fucceffe, the Lord n.Sam, r;.t ;. crofling his defignes with his overruling prouidence ; for whenhe delired that Vriah fhould lie with his wife, and fo father his ballardly iffue, hee caufcd his feruants to make him drunke, fuppofing that drunkenneffe and continencie, wouldhardly haueharboured in the fame fubie6f. C1AP. VII. That drunkenneffa is thecaaife ofmany fearefull punifhments. ND thus haue I (hewed that drunkenneffe is not S. SeS.T only finfull in it felfe, but alfo that it is thecaufe of Drunkennefe of many other hainous tranfgreflions. Now that t a caufe f it mayappeare, that it is eueryway euill : we are in the WI placeto prooue,that it is not only>the caufe offanne, but alfo the caufe ofpunifhment; inwhichpoint Ipurpofe tobe more briefe, becaufe byneceffary inference it is alrea- dy fuficiently prooued. For all thole euils which this vice bringethvpon a ran,as in refpe& of the party who bring- eth them vpon himfelfe,theymaybe called culls offin,fo in refpe& of Godwho hath alto a iufl hand in infli&ing of thefeeuils,theymay be called culls of punifhment. But to come to the purpofe, the puniflirneuts which are P 2 iiafli6ed