Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

r Drunkennefe enaI elh a man [iat+l to a fearefraywo,& bean, curie. Ifa.5,t z. Godpunifhetii druni nnefê by infamie and reproeb. .Sa}n'4 5. z o8 That drunkennefreLis thecol; ofman) otherftnnes. inflated for the finne ofdrunkenneffe, aremany, andgrie- vous, and that both in this life,and alfo the life to come; in this life it fubie6leth a man to bcare the intollerable waight. ofGods wrathand fearefull vengeance, and makethhim li- able to Gods curfe, and heauywoe denounced, Efay 5.i r. Woe vnto them that rife vp early to follow drunkenneffe, &c. More efpecially the Lord punifheth the drunkard, both in his narne,ftate, and perfon. His name is branded with infa- my and reproch, and his glory is turned into íhame, for the Lord layeth open his filthineffe, and difcouereth his vgly nakednes, to be fcorned and derided, not only ofenemies and firangers, but alto of his familiar acquaintance, of his owne feruants, yea fometimes of the childrenof his owne body, and of his wife who lieth in his bofome. So when Noah fell into this fin,hedifcouered his nakednes, and was deridedbyhis ovvne fonne : the which as it wasa fearefull fin in Cham againft his father, and in Noah againft himfelfe, fo was it a iufft iudgement ofGod vponhis drunkenneffe. Thus Abigail, though at other times a good and dutifull wife,yet becaufe in the timeofhis drunkennes her husband . gaue a foolifh& churlifh anfwere vntoDauids tneffengers, fhe falleth todefcant vponhis name, Nabal is his name,and folly is with him; as though fhe fhould haue faid, hisname and nature arewell fitted in an euill futabines ; for a foole he is called, and a foole he fheweth himfelfe in all anions.. And yet this was fpoken by a good wife,when her purpofe was tomake for him the belt apology fhe could to mitigate his offence ; what therefore would a badwife haue fpoken in the like cafe, defiring tovnburthenher fpleene, & toag- grauate his fault ? If folly were the bet+ornament to couer his faults ; what could be expe&ed to be vnder this couer but beaf}ly filthineffe and vgly wickedneffe ? This heauie judgement the Lord denounced againfl the drunkards of Iuda,Habac.2.i6. Thouartfilledwith /hameforglory;drinkç thoualfo andbemade naked,or difcouer thy filthines, thecup ofthe Lords right handfball bee turnedunto thee, andfhane- full[fiuingfhallbe for thyglory. Secondly, the Lordpuni(heth the drunkardin his Elate;. for.