Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

116 Theexcufes ofdrunkards takfn away, theyare fubiea.Towhich I anfwere, that ifit beaccounted a loan folly to flanch the bleeding of the finger,by woun. ding ofthe heart , thenmuch more co curt thebody by de- flrr,ying of the foule; for if drunksnnetle bea finne ( as all men conf( fie ) and if the wages offnnebe death eternald, of Rom.6 .23. foule and body , as the Apoitle teacheth vs, Rom.6,23. If Ueur,z;::d. finally it make all men who commit it, liable toGods feare- full curfe denounced inhis law, Deut. 27.26.then what mad- nef k is it , wilfully and prefumptuoufly to tuth into finne, which is accompanied with eternal! deflru&lion ofbodyand foule, for the recouerie ofour bodilyhealth ; to hazard the feetìwple ofour eucrlal}ing patrimony,for the reparing of our earthly tabernacies, yea the prifon ofour foules,and to venter the toileofeternal happinefe in Gods kingdotne,for theprolongingofour miferablepilgrimage in this wretched world . Betides, theLord bath ordained many foueraigne meanes and remedies of lawfull Phyficke , vpon the vie wherofwe may much more affuredly expec`l: Gods bleffing, for our recouery, then vpon this euill and finfull meanes, which he hash branded withhis curie . And therefore when the Phyfitians receipt is contrary to the prefcript of Gods word,let vsreiea it as fent from hell ; and asone faith , Cima turpis eftmedicinafanaripudeat :Let vs rather die ofan ho- nett difeafe,then preferue life by a di(honefi medicine. §.SeE .9. Qchers there are , whonot being fo impudent as to de- The fourth ex. fend their drunkennetfe,aslawful, do yet extenuate and ex- cu;r, that they cule it as light and veniali. And6rft they fay,that for them- are deawie feiues they haue no liking of this vice, butonely arc drawne into th`;o1" a into it fometimes by realen of their company. Towhich I pa,,y, arìíwere , that that is a bad fellowshipwhich brings vs into a league with vice , &makes vs to let vertueat vtter defiance; that is a wicked knot of friendfhipwhich tics vs both to the cuil of fînne,and the euill ofpunifhment,and it will prooue but a fottifh dotage in the end , ifrather thenwe will part with wicked companions, we will in foolifh kindnetfeacc6- pany them into he!. Ifthereforeour companions delight in fin, letnot vs delight in them,hut fee their fociety as being thedivas aduocates to foliatevs vntowickedncfl'c; & let vs take