Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

tsT tomimto. vigez TO THECHRISTIAN READER. Hrillian Reader, I haue endeuoured to difeouer and lay open the vglie filthi- ne,and hainous wickednefe of foure fumes, wherewith our land is much corrupted anddefiled ;namely, the abu- f s of Uthes in vaine fwearing and impious forfwearing , Drunkennef lvhoredome, and Briberie . I am not ignorant how dfl.flfull theft difcourfs will he to their palats, whohauealreadie relli fhed thefweetnefofthefeftones, anddoeJlillnuzzle them in their bofomes , as their dearefl darlings . But Ihaue al- readie learned, that ifit bee the chiefeend ofmylabours to plea fmen,IJhall but therebyget this tefimonievntomine owneconfcience, that Iam nottheferuant of I efitsChrifl: yet mayI truely fay thusmuch for the anfwering ofallcam uilsandcalumniations , that I hauenot willingly intended todifleafe anyman,but haue labouredto aduance thegood efall . For Godand mine owne confcience can bearemee witnef, that I hauenot in anyfpleneticke andftyricall humour, aimed at the difrace of any mans perfon, profef?ion,or callmg,bat hauebadmineonely guarel againfl theirfinne, nor yet difoueredtheir nakednef that they may be laughedto [corne; but that themfelues taking notice ofit,may hide it , and turning fromtheirfinnes by true re- pentance,