Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Att.10.33. To the ChriflianReader. tance,may efcape thofe judgements which they haue defer= tied inthedaieofGods viftation . Ifany notwithtanding rrly juts apologiefhallyet take exceptions, they Mall but by their kickingPhew that I rubon theirfore,andby their com.- playning manifefs their guiltinef ; for inparticular Iac- cufe none,whodoenotJiandaccufedbeforeGod , by the te- Jlzmcnie of their ovine confcciences. And theftofall others baue leafscauJè tobe ofended, f eing ifatall 1handle them roughly, it isnot tohurt ,but to cure themoftheir wounds offinne, which otherwife mightfefser to their defsruttion. eAnd thuspraying that thefeand all other my laboursmay tendto Godsglorie , andthefaivationofhis eleét , I corn mend thee to gods protetíion, andunto thewordof his grace,which is able tobuild thee further, and togiue thee an inheritance among themwhich are fantlfied. From Lothburiein ,London the thirtith ofoetober. 4nno Dorn. 1608. rhinein theLord. D;