Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Q f th'e mealyt »herbywemaybepreferssodfrädrunk,enner 33 CHAP. X. Ofthemeaneswhereby we may be preferued or freedfrom thisfigs ofdrunkennef fe. Nd thus haue I(hewed the greatneffeof their §,sell, T. finne,who either themfelues liue in drunken- The meanes is neffe, or draw others into this fin, the which Ptfern ins orfree being fufficient and effc&uall toperfwade all Tonne whohaue but the left fparke of grace to & de- kennee. reflationof this vice,and to a full refolution to leaue &ror- fake it : It onelynow remaineth that we fet downe briefly forcemeanes whereby they may be enabled to mafter and fubdue this finneawhich is fowickedandabominable ; and thefe areeither generall,or moreproper and particular. The generallrneanes is praier, whereby wee inuocate the aífi- fiance of Gods fpirit,- to flrengthen vs in our refolution of leaning this fin ; the diligent hearing ofGodsword,which Thegeerax is the (word of the (pink that killeth our corruptions, and that vnrefiaable cannon (hot whichbatterethand beateth downthe ftrong holdsof fin.The frequent vfe ofthe Lords Supper, wherein we daily renue our "couenant with God, that wee will forfake the Diuell, and all thefe his workes of darkeneffe. Diligent meditation onGods ineflimable loue towards vs, who bathnotfpared to giue his Tonne to death for vs, and the innumerablebenefits which together withhint hehath plentifullybéflowed vponvs,both intern- porall and fpirituall things. All which ifwe be not too too vngrateful, may reftrainc and weane vsfrom all thofePinnes which are mot+ deare, pleafant, and profitable vnto vs,; and much more from this finne ofdrunkenneffe,which is in no degree goodand beneficiall,and in many refpeus hurt- full & pernicious bothvnto our foules andbodies. Further- more,let vs meditate vpon the death & fufferings ofChrifl, wherebyhe bathflied his dearefl bloud to redeetne vs from thefePinnes, both in refpeé of their guilt and punifhment; and fo fhall we not, if wehaue any (parke of,grace, preferre R t perifhing