Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

S.Sert.2 Thefpeeiall manes topre- feria vs from the finite of dap i24Dierksmaneswherbywe may t eprefertsed fradra4poset perifhingwinebeforehis precious bloud,nor trample it vn der ourfilthy feete bywallowing in this beafily fin. Let vs meditate on that vnion which is betweene Chrift and vs, wherebywe become members ofhis gloriousbody;and fo thall we fland vpon our fpirituallreputation, &beafhamed todifhonor ourhead,by drawing him as much as in vs lieth, into the communication ofthis fwinifhfinne. Let vsalfe confider,that our bodies are the temples oftheholyGhofi, thewhich we (hall exceedingly difhonour, if by,drinking and fwillingwe make them to become likeunto wine-vef- Fels. But if Gods manifold bleflings,a-ndgreat priuiledges whichhe hath vouchfafed vnto vs, will not moue vs, yet there areother arguments which may conftraine vs,As firft, ifwedoe confider that the Lordbeholdethvs, when as in a brutithmanner we liewallowing in this fanne ; that he is a Iudge, who will not let fuch große vicesgo_e vnppuni.- ihed,that his fierce wrath is kindledwith this finne,and that it will blaze out in his fearefull iudgements,vnleffe wepre- uent it by fpeedy repentance. Lafily, let vs alwaies haue in miede the laftand terrible dayof iudgcment,whenwe( hall be called toareckoning, not onely for the fhamefull ahufe ofGods creatures, but alfa for all thofe vaine and leaud words and thofe wicked and prophanea&ions,which wee haue committed in the timeof drunkenneße. More cfpecially that wee may bebrought into a true ha- tree' anddeteflation ofthis finne,let vs.fet before vs in age- neral( view thehainoufnef a thereof; & the manifold euils and mifchiefes which doe accompany it,ofwhich Ihaue al- ready fpoken ; as that it isa vice condemned byGod and men, Chriftians and Infidels ; that thereby wee grieuoufly offend God,bymaking ourbellies our god, by vnfitting& difabling our felues for his Teruice,by abufinghis good cre- tures, whichwitha plentiful) hand hee hash bef}owedvpon vs, the neceffary vfe whereof, manybetter thenwee want ; that therebywe fin in a high degree againfl our neighbors, generally, andparticularly, again(} the whole Church and common-wealth,ftrangers,and familiar acquaintance, and maltofall againft our owne family; that wee heereby molt grieuoufly