Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

That whoredome in thefe dales touch abottndeth. t 3t thecarelcfnetfe or conniuency of Magiftrates, and partly through the negligence or corruption ofveder officers; oc elfeat lead is turned from a perfonall punifhment , which fhould be for theexample of others , intoa penall or purfe mulá, which for the mofi part is conuerted to their owns vie whodoe impofe it. Andyeti will not deny that though wee hauemanv cor- g,Sea.s; ruptions in this kinde, both amonga theoffcndcrs,and alío 7hzPorfh the punifhers; our State neuerthelcfl'e is much better then it crew of(tci is in other places vnder the gouernmcntof thewhoreofBa- bylon, the Antichriil ofRome; where (-Lewes are publike- i ly erectedand tolicrated: for much better and more pardo. nable for the land it is, when (ïnne lurketh in fecret corners, then when it dare (hew it (rife in the open (beets , without feare or thame; when through carelefneffe it is not feene, thenwhen it is tolicrated and impioufly maintained,when it is not punithed throughnegligence or corruptionofforne few , thenwhen the whole State doth countenance it, and makcth it fecureby gluingvnto it a patent of impunity. On the other fide, wemull nerds grant that our flare is g.SeE .G. not yetfound,thoughwe benot fo defperately difeafed ;and We art ports that we are not in good cafe, when as we benot drenchedand hone bwe bee dined into the loweft bottom offinneand condemnation: not fgbd for in refpeft of the meanes which God bath long plena- notfo t .cL1 fully atfoorded vs,we ought tohaue brought forth farrebet- ter fruits then thole that want them; and having long in- toyed the brightfunfhine of the Gofpcll which hath cicere. ly difcouered theworkesofdarkenctle, we (houldwa ke like children of light, and not (Till remains in the fhadow of deathwith tholevntowhom this light neuerfhined, vnletfe wewill make our condemnation more fearefull then theirs, when as our knowledge doth feriae for noother vfe but to aggrauate our (inne. And therefore let vs flriue togoe as farrebefore others in a godly life, as we are aduancedaboue them is Gods fpirì- tuall priuiledges,and labour to keeps our bodies much more pure andvndetled ,as from all other (ns,foefpeciallyfrom theft polluting timesofwhoredome and vnclean.ncffe, that S 2 we