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s 3 2 O fFornication. wemay prefent them holy and vnblameable at thegreat day ofour Lord Iefus Chri f , whenheelball cone inglory and power to fudge both quick and dead. CHAP. II. whatfornication is,and thefmall accountwhich worldling, makeofit. §.Sert.i. The maine _ropeofthis treatife. §.S'eEf,2. wine we vn- clerfdandby xn.bore,dome in tbu treatife. He which that wee may the rather doe, I thought good to intreat of theft fins ofvn- cleannetfe,and to thew both the hainoufìies ofthem, together with the manifold cults which they bring vpon thofe who arede- filed with them ; to theend that hereby I maymoue al men in a muff deteflation ofthis wickedneflè,ei- ther to abflaine from,cr to 'caneand forfake it: & themeans alto whereby thofe whohaue fogood a purpofe, may bee furtheredand helped in this their holyandChriflian refolu- tion . Now howfoeuerthis fin of vncleannetfe is a moufter whichhath many heads, and an euill tree whichfpreadeth forth itfelfe intomany particular branches of wickednetTe, yet my purpofe is but to fpeakeof twoof the chiefe, which are thevniuerfall poilons ofthe land,and r'nofl common cor- ruptions ofthe times, the fin of fornication, which is com- mittedbctweene fingleperfons,and the finneofadultery,be- tweene married fo!k.s,at lea fl on theone party. Concerning the former : Fornication is that aO of vn- cleanneffe which is committedbetweene a tingleman with a tinglewoman.Where I doe not take fornication in his flri1 andproper fìgnifcation, in which it fignifieth only whore- dom,or that vncleannelre which is committedwith a firum- pet or common harlot; but in this difcourfe I vnderfiand it largely and generally for al kind of filthincfl e fe which is con)- imtted betweene fingIe or vnmaried perlons; whether it bee the detouring of virgins which is calledJrzwprttm, or the or- dinary abuleof the fame concubine,which is termed concte- binatw,or thedefilingofthe body with a harlor,either maid or