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it 3 4 roleratienofwboredome increafeth thePopes kisigdotrme; uen to theirholy fhauelings : Sinon cafld ,tamen cuute: If ye cannot hue chaffly , yet commit your whoredonee warily,is fo flakand common, that it flinketh and annoicth all Chri. flendorne, §.SeEt And this isthat cupof-carnal' fornications, wherewith the Tree extenua- great whore of Babylon allureth the Kings and inhabitants ting and tole. of theearth to drinke alfoof thecup of her fpirituall whore- rating offorni- dome, and as it were the great drag-net whereby fhe catch- ationTaamon pifïs cth and captiucth more in her idolatries and Cuperflrtions, nuchincres- then by almoll anyother meanes whatfocuer.For euery car- feel) the Pipes nail man is ready and willing to imbrace that religion which ingd'nte. fauourerh his finne,and tolerateth his wickednctiè,fuíffering him quietly to cell in it without troubleof rninde or per- plexityofconfcience. And therefore when graceletie men beinggiuen over to their vncleane lulls , doe reiolue to hue in their filthy whoredomes ; andwhilefl they profelfe our religion cannot fo do,with anypeace ofconCcicnce or quiet ofmind,becaufe we teach according toGods truth,that this finneofwhorcdome isheinous in Gods fight ; that bee who liueth in (inne is the fetuant of finneand.childof death; that only he who leauethand forfakethhisfannc findeth mercy; and that therecan beno true repentance, and confcquently nopardon but where there is an vnfained hatred of innne, a fubduingand mortifying ofthecorruption , and a riling a- gaine to newnetfeof life : hence it is tlaat they giueouer the . profeílion of out religion, as gluing veto them no comfort whilefl they continue in their wickednetfe; and being reCo1- ned to runne on in theircourfe ofvncleanneffe,theyadioync t17emIelues to theChurch ofRomc,where this fin ofwhore- dome findeth fauor & countenance both by their doctrine and praaife; and themfelues fame Cecurity and comfort euenwhileff they hue in theirwickednes. For thereno more is required of them in their repentance, but that they.con- fefífe their filthinefle to a more filthyprie fl, and thew for the prefent Comecontrition while(} they are in the habit ofpeni- ter,ts, and make Come flight fatisfaiion at their ghoilly fa- thersappointment, whom Celfe- guiltineswil not fuffer to be oucr fcucre towardsothers; as either to fail from firth cer- taíí e