Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Tolerationofvehoredonse increafeth thePope! &Zïngdovne. t 35 tame daies, or togoc on pilgrimage to the fhrineof tome Saint,or to whip their bodies fo much as their dcuotion rno- ueth them:or if they will take a more compendious courfe, theymay buy tome indulgence or pardon from their holy father the Pope , whereby they may haue plenary rernifiîon ofall their fumes; and fo hauingpaicdall their old acme of wickedneífe , theymaynow againe begin a new reckoning, and with a quiet confeiencc goe from the Church to the flewes,frum their ghof}ly father to their harlot; hauing the fame meanes for their difcharge when as againe theyare run in debt. Wherein they in liuely manner refemble the holy harlotdefcribedin the Prouerbs, who byher dcuotionsma- r0,7.r4, .: kéth vntoher Idle a cleerepaffage vnto her fornications, & halting offrcd her peace oblations, and paid her vowes,ta- keth occafion againe to renueher whoredomes, and maketh her dcuotion anexordiumvntoherinciting orationwhere- by fhe perfwadeth vnto lual or theadulterous woFnan,who hauing eaten her fill,and fatisficd herappetite with the plea- lures offnne,wipeth her mouth,andfaith)Ihaue n' at commit iniquity, Pro.; o.:o. ted And as this is the cafe of the Popifl, crew; fo wee may fay for our felues, that this finne of fornication and vn- cleanneffe is not Co difcountenanced and fuppreffed as it ought : for howfocuer the doc`trine ofour Church is pure and found , (hewing the hainoufneile of this fïnne, and proouingout of the word of God , that theywhoburin it can neuer enter into the kingdome of heaucn ; yet too too many arc polluted with this wickedneffc , andour ]awes arc too milde and rend((:e in punifhing fo hainous !rows, and the execution of there lawes too much neg- Iec`fed , perfonall punifhments beeing turned into purfe pe- nalties, whereby chele Crones which are accounted veniali among!} the Papif+s , are become venial', amongf1 vs. And therefore fceing the (word of iuffice, is not vníhea_ triedby the magifiratesas itought,forthefuppreffing ofthis liane, nor the offenders who fnould thereby either bee re- formed or cur off,learce beaten with the lcabbered: it beho- neth Gods Mini f}ers with fo much thegreater care and dila. ger,c , §.SeE.6. Fornication too lightlypu-1 nibked among, vs. z.Cor,6,,