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36 97enerall reafons todiffwade allmenfromfornicatiotr; gence, tcdrawout the (word of the fpirit, and therewith to giue thefe faints ofvncleannelfe a mortal wound in thecon- fciences ofmen ; that fo at leaf theymay be reclaimed from this ickedneflc bya iufl hatredoftheir [inne, whoare not reflrained forfeare of punifhment; andmay be mooued to preferue their bodies in purityand chaftity , when as they behold the vglinelfeofthis vice,euenwhile(} theyfinle rhê- feluesmol}priuiledged from the dangerof humane !awes. CHAP. III. Generall reaEons to dif (wadeallmenfromfornication. Owhichpurpofe let vs in the neatplace pro= pound force effetuall reafons , which may mooue all to an vnfainedhatred of this fintic, whohauenot vttcriv cati offal! fears of God, 1 and loue oftheirownehappineffe.Th e fitti ar- gument maybe taken fromGods exprcife commandement, wherebyhe bath liraitly prohibited rhefeGranes ofvnclean. neffe both in the oldand new tetlament. Generally they are all forbidden in the feucnth commandement,Thoufhalt not commit adultery. SoDent. 23. t ].Therefhallbeenowhores of the daughters ofIfrael ; neither(hallthere beeawhorekeeper oftheTonnes of Ifrael. 1. Cor.G. t 8,Fleefornication,&c.Heb. i a. i 6.Let there be nofornicator,orprophaneperfon, as efau. Yea fo farce offwould the Lord haue all that profet e Chri- flianity from aOcing of thisGnne,that he wouldnot haueit oncenamed amongfl them. 411.5.3. Butfornicationand all vncleanneffe, or couctoufnefe,let it not bee once namedamong youas it becommeth Saints . And therefore if we wouldap- prooue our felues tobe Gods feruants, we muff ratheryeeld obedience vnto his will then to our owne lufts; andpreferre his commandement, vnrowhomwe arc obliged in therm. nifold bondsof our creation , preferuatioo,and redemption, before our Gnfull pleafures. Scoot.), 'ly,weare to abhorreand flee from this (inne ofvn- ckanncfle, as being an infallible figneand a plaine badgeo( lush §.Sei.r. The frß argu- ment tekert fromGode commande- ment. Deut 2,3,17 i.Cor.6.18 lieb. 22.16 Eph.S. 3 §.Seíl.2. The ¡ec9nd, becaáifeitiaal