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(5 i That thefornsssttor grieRouf ryfluneth agaínjt hirnfelfe. ded with the loueof harlots , for the fatisfying of their filthy lu(is, runnc defperately , and as it were headlong into innu- merable euils,hauing neithervndcrflanding to forefee them, nor will to preucnt them : they confume their wealth in maintaining their harlots,andbringvpon themlelues vnpi- tied poverty , and extrcamewant; they brand their name with the blacke marke of infamy and reproof) , and lofe their credit and reputation amongall the vacuous and reli- gious; they are deafe vnto all admonition , and fo blinded that theycannot difcerne the fhamelefi'e behauiour,and im- pudent fiíthineffcof their flrumpets,but beeing befotted in their loue, they are ready to iudge their vices vertues, and toglue vnto them the preheminenceof all excellency be- fore all other. They become (hamele&T'e in all their courfes, thinking nothingfo filthy which they may not utter, no- thing fo beafily which they may not a ; they fpendtheir frength,iofeet their bodies withodious difeakes,fhorten the natural courfeoflife,anddamne their owne foules.Al which miCchieuous culls they vndergoe to fatisfie their vucleane lu(}s, and to glut themfclues with a momentany and beatlly pleafure. And this was the caufe why Tren u, the Idol °fluf}., was amonga the Heathen called mputos.,7,,,a healer ofheart,; and Cupid was laid to beblind,bccaufe theywho are poffef. fed with this filthic. lull , lore the light oftheir vnderflan- ding, and thevfc ofreafon.Henceallo it is, that the (inne of whoredome is in the Scriptures b_y a certaine kinde of emi- nencycalled folly,and the fornicators fooles.SoSichemwhir he delioured Iaco6sdaughter, is faid tohauecommitted fol° Cen.34.7. ly in lfrael ; and Thamar diffwading Ammon from a rape, faith,that thereby hee fhould becomeas oneof the boles in 2, .Sain.13.t3. Ifrael. So the wife man rangeth theyoung fornicator in the ranckeof Cooks , Prou. 7. 7. Ifazeamong thefoolesayoring, rnan. &c. and let} the titleotfolly fhouuld not futficientlyex- preffehis fortifhnef e, he compareth him to an oxe led to the laughter thereby implying that he wasnot onely a foole, but evenbrutifh inhis folly. And as the fornicator fìnnethagainf}his ownefoule,by befottingand infatuating his vnderflanding; Co altoby de- f}roying .z