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That thefirnicatorgrieusufy finnethagainfi< himfelfe. t I3 f}roying it ; for as thewifeman faith , bee that committeth whoredomewith awornan,he is deflituteofvnderflanding: bee that Both it,deflroiethhis ozone ro.6.3 i. Pro,d. 3 t. But as the fornicator finneth again(' his feuerall parts ; fo §,.Seíi<.3 alfo again([ his whole perfon,and that both in refpeaofthis Thefornicator life,and alto the life to come. In refpcá ofthis life he finneth lainethhu againa himfelfe, by Raining his good name with reproach r e artd and infamy t forhe that committeth thefc times of vnclean- infamy. neflrc,(hallfinde 'moundand donostr, andhis reprochfhall pro j...3 3 neuer beputaway, as the wifeman hath toldvs,who approo- ucd it for truc,not onlyby his doetrinc,but°alfoby his owne example;for the excellency ofhis wifdome bath not to this day takenaway the blemifli of this folly,inhis exceffiue mul- tiplyinghis wines andconcubines. Thewhich alfo is conti- nually verified in the experience ofother men , who haue defiledthcmfelues with thisvice; for howfocuer the wound may beecurableif they truly repent, and powre into it the precious balme of Chrrfls blond ; yet a fcarre will euer re- maine in their name and reputation, thoughGod in his in- finitemercy,aftcrtrue conuerfion , cafleth their fins behind his back,and will not remember them , yetare they feldome forgotten among(} men. Secondly, whereas the Lord in their creation bath made 4, Sea+ them inhis owne image,they by this Gene transforme them- Fornicators felucs into the Gniilitudeofbeat}s; for ofal other fïnnes,the transforme finneofvnclear'ne[Ik is moli fenfuall andbrutifh; in which thernbfcluet^ Into cafts. refpea the fornicator in the Scriptures is compared to the brute creatures . So thewife mati likeneth the foolifh young pro.7.ZZ, manmilled by the harlot, vnto an oxe led to the [laughter, and to a birdhailing to the (Hare. The Prophet Jeremy come 5, 8. pareth them topampred horfes,neyingafter their neighbours wife. And in the law the whoreand the dogge arecoupled together, as fitly refcmbling one another in their qualities Deut.13,i8 and conditions.Yea in truth they are farremore filthy in this kindthen the beafls themfelues; for theyhaue no other law to containe them , but their ownenatureand fenfuall appe- tite ; and therefore they doe but their kind, and that for the moll part moderatcly,in their due times and fcafons;where- X as