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z 54That thefornicatorgrlettoufiyfinncthagaini hitnfZfé, as the fornicator hauing the law (AGod to reflraitac him., loth neuerthelcffe not onely fatisfie, but alfo glut nature, and wholly imployeth his wit and reafon to firengthen him in his filthinc (le by arr, when thepower andabilities ofna- ture fade him. .Se11.5, In refpedof the life to come the fornicator fnneth again(} tYhoredo7ne hi rnfclfe ; firli,becaufeofall other (innes,the (inne ofwhore- r,aketbaman- dome tr.akcth himmoft vnexcufable, when in the great day vfcxcujable. of the Lord he (hall be called to a reckoning :for whereas o- ther fumes may have (ome colour of excufc, drawne either from vnauoidableneccflity , or want ofconucnientmeanes to Ginn them ; the fornicator canhaue no fuck] pretence, be- caufe the Lord hath offredunto him a remedie to preuent this únne,namely, lawfull mariage,whereby he may bepre- z,Cor.7,.. ferued from it; according to that, I.Cor,7. 2. To auoidefor- nication let emery man haue his wifc,and let every woman haue berowne husband. In which refpcdhe islike vnto a thiefe which liueth by the common fpoilc,not for want, but when as he may have fuflicient maintenance at his own command by lawful! meares; not forany urgent nccc(rty,buc for vaine and foe hi]] cu i fty : becaufeftollenwaters arefweet,and the breadwhich rs ottenguilefuly bath apleafant tale. Neither let any man here obtec` hispovertyand want of manes to 'maintaine a wife,and Inch a charge as vfually accornpanieth mariage ;.for feeing wecannot hue nor rnooue, but byGods blctling,we maymore hopefullycxpcir,whenweliue ac- cording to his holy ordinance, then whenwee continucin finne, and prouoke hiswrath by the.common breachof his commandments But though hereby we (hould be brought into penury; yet better it is to want wealth then a good con. 7111(.1i. fcicnce,ánd to îiue in a poore eflatc in this life which is (hors and momentary, hauing thealfurancc of Gods fauour,and hopeof future glory, then to haue the rich gluttons plenty here,tobe(gowupon our carnal] lufis,and afterwards to be tortured in the cuerlaiting torments Secondly, the forn.icácorliving in his fin without repen. 7hefornicater tance,excludeth hirnfelfeout of the ioyes of heaucn, and cxtiodelbbin7 plungeth body and foule headlong into hellifh torments, Concerning