Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

10 G Thatfornication is 4 caufe ofmany otherfirmes, ofadultery ; for it is vivally ['eerie by common experience, that a young fornicator maketh an oldadulterer, and he w ho in the prime of his age makethno confcience ofdefi- ling his neighbours child,ripcning in wickedne1Te as hcc ri- peneth in yecres, whenhe commeth to maturitywill make no confcienceofdefiling hisneighbours wife.So alfo it pre- pareth theway and maketh an eatìe entrance for incea,Sa- domy, buggery, and all manner ofabominable ñlthinctfe, Eph.5.3, whicheuen corrupted nature tsafhamed to owne, andare not fomuch as to be named amongChriulians, but with ha- tred & dctefIation. And this cómeth to paífepartly through the hilt iudgcmentofGod , who for their former filthinelic, Rom!. giucth them vp to a reprobate fcnfc , and to the flaueryof theirowne filthyaffcflionsandvnnaturall lufls,to runne on in theirfinne with greediitcife to their vtter perdition; and partly through the nature of finne which is in continual' growth,& ifit benot nipped in the bud or fprig,becommeth in fhort time a tree ofhuge largenetre;ifit be not crufhed& killed in the [hell, it will like the Cockatrice grow to fuch a poifonous nature, that it will kill with the very looke.The which as it is verifiedofall other,foefpeciallyof thefe finnes ofvncleannefe.Forafter they arc conceived by natural con. cupifcence, and borne with delight, and nurfedwithwan tonnetfe,at lain bccing fed with curiofity as it werewith their complete nourifhmcnt , they growvnto vnnaturall fhapes, and in the end become hidious monflers moll ugly and a- bominable in the fight ofGod&men. Andbilly this coin- meth to patre through thecunningmaliceofour oldenemy thedinell, whowhen het cannot at the firfl thruul into the dooreof our hearts and confciences the grcateh fins, loth make way &entrâce for them by thofc which are letTe. Like unto thofe, whonot being able by any potìibïc meanes to thrutl the fruit into a glafiiewith a narrowmouth in hisfull ripenetfe,doput it inwhen it is yong&newknit,and fo let it grow,beingHill nourithedwith the roote, vntohis naturali bignetTe,til it haue filled the glace; whereby they make that rafie byart which is impoble in nature. Or like unto mil- chicuous thecues, who intending toroba house, and being vnable