Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Thatfornic4tion if acanfe ofmany otherfrnrtes, rS7 vnable any otherwife toenter, doe thruEl into the window the lean oftheir company,who beeing entred,openethand giueth an ealïe ingretie and pafíäge vnto thole who areof the largeil ílaturc. So this maliciousgardenerSatan, beeing not able ro thrut} intoour hearts and conlciences the cuill fruit offinne in his full ripenctfe, doth put it into them as it were in thebud, knowing that being nourilhed with the ma- licious Cap , which is derived from the roote of our naturali corruptior,it will quickly grow to his full bignelic . And this arch-thecfe the diucll intending to rob vs of the riches of Gods graces , and not beeing ableto enter with his mot} e- normouscrimes, as it werehis afl©ciates ofthegreatefl Cize; cloth firf} thruf} into our foules and conCciences his fmaller fins,thcwhich beeingentred, open a large doore,and giuc entrancevnto all manner ofoutragiouswickednelfa. Secondly, whoredome is oftentimes thecaufeofmurther, g.SeU.2. and muchbloodihed,and that firíl in refped} ofthe fornica. Wboredome tor hirnfelfe,who makethacleere patfage vnto his wicked- 4 oftentimes the cQaife6f neflè with the death and de(lruaion of all thofewho hin murtber. deroroppofe againtlit ; fometimcs by poifon and Cecrct trechery ; and fometimcs by forceandopen violence. For the fire aloft Co ineamcch mens hearts with deadly furya- gain{} thofe who fland in the way and hinder the fatisfying oftheir beailly deLres,that it wil nootherwife be quenched but with their bloud.Ofthis wehaue anexample in Herodi- u,whowas foincenCed againil Iohn theSapti(l for {peaking Mar, ! againfi her filthineffe, that in mortall reuenge Ikepreferred thecuttingoffhis head before the halfeofHerods kingdom. Yca cuen holy David himfelfe after his heart was defiled i,Saw.rz. withvncicanclufl, made way for the Catisfying thereof,and the faluingofhiscredit, by the death of his innocent fub iec4 ; and he whofe confcience was Co tender that hewould not drinke ofthe waterofthe well whichwas procured with *Per theifo- the hazard and perill ofhis threeWorthies hues, though he sam.hs ,r wereready to faint with thir(l ; had* afterwards his heart fo u to hce re3 hardened with vncicanc luf}a,that he thirfled after thebloud fuerred ss that of his faithfull (eruant , and chofe rather to defilehis Coule & which is confcicncewith this abominable murther , then he would t.Sam.5.17,, X 3 haue'8'