Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

§.SeEt.4. Thefornicator it made aflame to hid omone iufis. j,ib. C9nfeff; §. SeEt.1. Thefornicator becornmeth a flaue to his harlots. 164 The punifhments of wharedome in :hi, life, fing much rather to die, then tooutliuc their credit and re- putation, Againe, the Lord punifheth the fornicator, by making hima wretched flaue,not only vnto his own vncleane lulls, but alfo to filthy harlots. For whereas the Lord hath ap- pointed reafon as the chiefe viceroy in the little world of man,wherebyall his parts and members are to be ruled and gouerned,as it were obedient fubiets ; the fornicator ioy- ning withhis bafef}parts, evenhisvncleane lulls, rebelleth againfl his lawfull Soueraigne,& thruíling reafon out efhis throne, fubie Icthhimfelfe to be gouerned by his vnruly paffìons & filthy affeaions. In which vfurped tyranny Will onely flandeth for a law,and tumultuous lulls rule and ma- nage all things according to their own appetite.Whereofit cómeth to paffe that there is nothing fo abominable which is not thought tolerable, nothing fo fhamefuIl which will caufe blufhing, nothing fodifhonef} and outragious which they arenot ready to adt for the pleafing and fatisfying of their luf}s. For hovvfoeuer things were vnto them free &ar- bitrary, before they had yeelded thefelues as flaues to their vile affe6 ions, yet when they are once inthronized in their hearts, they tyrannically impofe vpon them anvnrefiftable neceffity of obedience. Towhich purpofe dugufine faith fitly,that,Exvoluntateperuerfa fúCta eft libido,&dumfermi- tor libidiniMta eftconfuetudo, &dum confuetudininon re/- f iturfaaaeftneceftaa : Peruerfe will turneth vnto vnbrid- cd lull, and while lull is obeyed there groweth cuflome, & cuflome being not refined becommethneceffity. And this flauery vnto their owne luf }s yeeideth them ouer as vaffals and bondflaues vnto another as bafe a bondage euer, the miferable thraldotne of their filthy harlots, who whilefl vncleane affe&`&ions and pallions beareany fway in their deuoted vaflíals, hold them after a tyrannical) manner vnder themoll flauilh andbafçfubieaion.Her face is to her filthy louerhis chiefe heauen ; her finiles the fun-thine ofall his comfort ; her frownes like blacke cloudes threatning a f}orme,and the forme ihipwrack;her fairefpeeches like the Syrens 1