Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

lin obier lion offornicatorsetnfwered. 177' ofthee intollerable and euerlafling torments, fhould rc- fitaine men from thofc (bort, vaine and fenfuall pie which arc the caufes and forerunnersofthem. For asAugu gm ice jtine faith: Citopreterit quoddelettat, [ pertneenetfine fine (3 rom . quod cruciect : The pieafureof luff which for the timede- lighteth,doth foone vanifh,but the painesofhell intowhich they plungevs,doecontinue for eucrmore. CHAP. XIIII. TheobieEtionoffornicators anfiwered,who excufe theirfin veder the pretence ofmarriage, Nd thus haue I(hewed themanifoldandgrid uous punifhmcnts,which theLord infliaeth vpon whoremongersand vncleaneperlons, both in this life and the life to come.Now in the Ial1place it remaineth that I anfwer brief- ly an oblationor excufe, which is common- ly made byfornicators ofthebetter fort,whcreby they think themfelues acquitted from the guilt offin, and priuilcdged from all danger of punifhrant; namely, that they arepur- poledbeforethey committhis folly,to marry the partywh6 they haue defiled , and fo tomakeamends for the fault com- mitted . TowhichI anfwer, that howfoeuer this is the belt courfe which theyci take afterthey haue fallé into this fin, if it be íoynedwithferiousand found repentance ; yet iris no argument to incourage any to commit this wickednetre vn- der this colour and pretence . For howfoeuer they be refol- ucd to marry the party , yet in the mcane while they grie- uou flyfinne again(}God, themfelues , thepartydefi!ed,and thefruiteof their owne body . They (inneagainl}God not only bycommitting fornication,but alto bymakingwhore. dome their patfage andentrance into his holy ordinanceof mariage,and fo hauing offered their firft fruits and the prime of their flrength vntoSatan,and their owne filthy lufis,they relcrue for God theremainder, and as it weretheir leauings. A a They