Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

-178 /1'n obieE ion ofornicittors 4nfwered. They abufc themfelues by imagining that they can by ina. iagefatisficfor their finne,and fo fccurcly paflcit ouer with- out repentance ; whereas in truth there othermeans to wafh their defiled bodies and fcules from the pollution of their fin, but the precious blond of the immaculateLambe Icfus Chiifl, They depriue themlelues of all aflurance and comfort of Gods blefling vpon their mariage into which theymake fuch a wicked entrance ; for how can they hope fora good proceeding, where the beginning is lò wicked and vnlawfull ? howcan they exped that God will build that houle whole very foundation is laid in finne? that heewill make thema happy couple who were fir(} ioyned in forni- cation ? or cattle her to become avcrtuous wife vnto him, who hath already abufed her as his firumpet ? Againe,what 'tearer iniury can hee offer vnto herwhom he pretendeth chiefly to loue , faeing he eapofcthher to thedanger ofper- petnail infamy and reproch ? For u, ho bath atfurcd km that he (hall liue to folemnize the promifed mariage, elpecially facing the Lord might in his ialice prefently inflict deathcf body and foule for his finne? and ifheedoe not, what doth hebut die a fornicator , and lcaueher to liue a reputed har- lot,byher ownedefers and others eflimation ? But though it lhouldbegranted that hehad procured from heauen a leale ofhis life , yet what wrong in the rz cane time doth he offer her to whom he pretendeth mariage, fceing hemakethher his harlot before he maketh her his wife? and fpoiling her of her honef}y and virginity , maketh her fit to enter into the flewcs,before he admittethher into the honourable bed of mariage ? What iniury is this to blernifhher good name which he fhould moll honour ? For howfoeuer bee hath by mariage cured thewound which he hathmade in her repu- tation , fo as it is not mortal( to her credit, yet thereeuer re- tiainethasit were a running ¡flue of rumour, and ínfamy,or at leaf} a foule (carre (ifeuer it come to light) inothers ef}i- ;nation,or (ifit retnaine react ) in their owneconfciences, which wil euer after make themmore jealous theone ofthe cshcr, uinally,he finneth again(} thefruite ofhisowns body, in