Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

ghat adultery isagriemrour f nneagAinfi God. 18a griele and iealoufie, and her face with fliame,when flicTeeth her (die reicacd,and fetat naught. Secondly, the adulterer fnneth againfl God,by breaking §, Seff,4; the couenant of the Lord , which was madeat the folemni- z.Heofen- zingof their mariage. For then they donot only makea mu- detb God by tuai contraJ one with another, that theywill faithfully ob- nuexagbi ferue marriage fidelity and loue betweene themfelucs; but marriage. an theymake a couenant withGod in his pretence, and in the face ofhis holy of embly , that they will performe ehis vow and prom& between themmade : and therefore when they violate this holy contras, they doe not only treache- rously breake their prorasfe made one to another , but alto their couenant made with God : As appeareth plainly, Prou.z. 17. whereas he faith , that the adultreihe _ or who f f a P keth theguide ofher youth,doth therein forget the couenant of ro.a, 17° her God.Whereby they offer great iniuryvnto theLord;fee- ingwhen acouenant is violated, the wrong redoundeth not only to himwhom it direlyconcerneth,but allo vnto him, in whole name the couenant is made and concluded. CHAP. XV. That theadultererfinnethgrìeuowJlyagaint his neighbour. Nd as they fin hainoufly againfl God,loallo againfl their neighbour; and fira again (! the party whofeyokefellowthey defile; for they brand his name with ignominy and reproch, becaufe in regardofthat nerevnion which is betweene married perlons, thedifgrace and difcredit whichofright belongeth to the wife, redoundeth alto untoher husband,who is as it werethebetter part ofher felfe. Of whichwee haue common experience in our ovine country by thofe difgracefull nick-names whicharevfually, rhoughvnworthily,giuentothe innocent party. Soalto they commitagainfl their neighbour the nao(i di. =BAdeceit and notoriou s theft that can be imagined; for Aa 3 they t.He fannetb againft bim whore wife lies defiled): i. E; di/gracing hirer,