Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

That the &loiterer fmnrrethgrieÑoufyagitinfl hi,r neighbor. I $ 3 Bing flames of lull , at fir(l he is therebyurged tothrufl in as an vniuft fharer inanother mans right ; but being intruded !lee lothnot fo content himfelfc , but (Corning to haue any copartner or corrivall in his loue, hee laboureth to hauc the inure intere(l, and tobecome the foie owner of his delights. And hecaufe thehusband of his harlot flandeth in his way andcroifeth his delires, heefceketh byall mcanes to bring him to dcflru&ion, bothby open violence,if the law donot rcflr,ine him , and by ferret trechery . As we may fer in the cxampleof Dauid, who, that he might enioy his loue,and z.Satm sr: hide his fharne, murthered T7riahhis faithful' feruanr. Secondly, theadulterer or adulterette finnc grieuoully a- S, Sec .4, gaintl their owne yokefcllow, either wife , or husband ; for z,Theadr,tte. firfl they breake the couchant of mariage made betweene rer finHerh them in the prefence of God , and in the fight ofhis congre- grieueufly c- ation : for whereas they haue obliged themfeluesone to the garnfl his "'ne otl-fer,that theywill obferue and keepe mariage fidelity, and yoke-Pkovva referue their bodies chau and vndeflcd for one anothers peculiar vfe ; they rrecheroutly violate this their promife, and defile their bodies with Orange lulls , making them to become more fit gulls for a filthybrothell,then for the ho- nourable bedof mariage. Whereas they mutually promifed mariage loue, which farte furpaflèth the lour ofparents to- wards their children , both in excellency and inpropriety, they fixe their loue vpon Orangers , and loath their yoke- feilawes,as iftheywere their:mortall enemies . Neither is it pcfTfble that the adulterous wife fnould loue her husband; when (he is befotted with theloueof herfilthy copes-mate, nor for an adulterer to loue his wife, whenhe isintangled in the harlots (hares, and carried awaywith her bewitching al- luremetits. And this is that breach of couenant which the Lord laieth to the Ifraelites charge as a ;rieuous fnne :Mal. Ma1.244, 2.4.TheLord bath6eenewitneffe betweene thee,andt1,ecife ofthyyouth,againflwhomthou haft tranfgreffed,yetisfhe. thy :rompanion,and thewife of thy couenant. §.Seci.só Secondly,whereas bymariage there is alto a communion AdulterersrcL: S .dtheir goods and rufous by vertue. whereof they baue WIT 'heir .yokel '- SgterC lovv oftbej ,. zoudse