Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

IS4That theadultererfnnethgrieuoufly atainf his neighbor intcretI and proprietyboth in their !dates and bodies,the a- dulterers doerobbe their yoke.fellowof their right; for fir1E theadulterous husband fpendeth hisfubflance in maintai- ning his harlot,ard in nourifhing and bringingvp his adul- terous brood ; whereby bee impeucrifheth his wife , and bringeth her vnto want and mifery, eitherbecaufe ofthe in- fufftciencyofhis cu ate to maintaine bothhis hatlot,andhis owne charge ; or through the hardnelfeofhisheart,and want ofloucto his own fpoufe , for it is the vlualifruiteof whore. domeandadultery , to make a man prodigal( abroad , and niggardlyat.home, bountifull to his harlot, and all that be- longvnto hcr, andmiferably necre , and fordidous to his wife,and his lawfuli begotten children. So alto the adulte- rous wiferobbeth her husband , not onelyby catching and purloining all fhe may from him,tobcaowvponherloners; but alto in bringing intohis familyan aduletrous attic , who deuoure the fruiteofhis labours, and confufedlydiuide his fubf}ance and patrinmmony'amongtt his owne children. In which refpea the adultery of the wife is moreperniciops thenofthehusband, becaufe it is accompanied withmoreà- bominable deceit,noman being able, whohath an harlot o his wife, toknow his owne children , from the childrenofa (!ranger , whereby hee is compelled to nourifh bis enemies, for feare of do lroying his chiefeft friends ; and toglue in. heritance to the children of fornication , left otherwife throughhis ignorance hemay perchanceditnherit the law. full fruiteofhisowne body. Laftly, the adulterer or adulterefle rob their wife or hut= Adulterers rob bandoftheirmoli valuedrighr,namely, their hearr,affc& 6, their tike ¡el_ and the vfeoftheir body,ofwhich there is byvertueof ma. leow eftbeir riage a communion in refpctiofone another,and apeculiar heart andaf- and incommunicablepropriety, in refpcûof all other per - aCor.7 Ions in the world. So theApof}le faith,t.Cor.7.4. thewife hathnot thepower of her ownebodie,but thehusband:6- like wife the husbandhathnot the powerofhis owne6odie,but the wife . And therefore in adulterie there is alto included the groffetl,.and ;mot}pernicious kinde ofthefr, Peeingmarried perlons