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6 `Tat it4 lawfull to talean oth infamecafe. iicb.6. 16. Apoffle faith , that an oth for confirmation is the end ofall flrife,Heb.6. t6. And confequently great is theprofit which itbringeth to mankinde, fceing it is a notable meanes,not only for the maintaining oftruth and iuflice,butaliofor the taking away of difcord & diffenfions, and for the eftablifhe ing ofpeace andChritlian friendíhip. § sett. Laffly,thevfe ofa law full oth is not only warranted,but the vie fa alfo commended vnto vs by manifold exáples in the Scrip.. lawf4loth tures . As firfl,the Saints and holy men ofGod,for the con.- warranted b, firmation of neceffary& vndemonftrable truths,and to put 4x1017p!er, an end tocontrouerfies anddiffenfions, hauevied to fiveare one to another: As Abraham and Ifaac toAbimelech,laco` toLaban,Iofephto Jacob, Dauidto Jonathan, Elias to Oba- diah, and manyothers. And left it fhouldbe obieted,that howfoeuer theywere holy Saints ofGod, yet theyweremc", &might therfore erre;we are further toknow, that the holy menofGod as they were the pen-men of holy Scripture, immediatly infpired by the holyGhoff, andconfequently exempted from all error and fin, did in thepenningofthe Scriptures confirme the truth of Godby a lawful' andpious Rem.z,yand oth,Examples hereofare manifold : Rom.T.9.God is mywit- 9T ne/fe,who Ifersee inmyfpirit.And9.t.1fay the truth in Chrifl, Ilienot,my confciécebearingmewitnefe in theholy Ghof.The likeplaceswe haue,T.Cor. i 5.3 t.2. Cor. z.23.and z 7.3z.and J2.19.Gal.1 .1o. Phil.t.S. t.Thef.t.ç.io.s.Thef.2.t. So likewife the holy Angels,who arepriuiledged from fin -anderror, haue vied the name of their great Lord &Mafler in fwearing by it.Dan. t 2.7. it is laid that theAngel held vp Dan.T1.'. his right hand andhis left handvnto heauen, fh-' fnare byhim thatliuethforeuer.SoApoc.t o.5.6. But what fhould I fland,6'vpon theexample of the creatures , when as the greatCrea- tor of heauen and earth hath approoued the holyvfc ofan Gen.zz.i6 oth inhis owne pradiife ? Genet; 22. t G. By my felfehaue l f rorne(faith theLord) becaufe thou hall done this thins, &c. Numb.z4. 2,13, Numb. 14.28.fls lliue (faith theLord)Iwillfïurely doeunto you euen asyehaue#uken inmineBares.So Pfal. t t o.4.and t; 2 t 1. Efa.T4.24. and 45.23. and 54.9,Iere.44. 26. Luk. 1.73. Rom,14.1 i.Heb.6.r 3.16. Againk