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That it k lawf4.11 to take an oth infame cafe:. Againhl tliis the Anabaptifis obie& the rayingof our Sa- §.Sert.6. ulour,Mat.chap.s.' e.34. Ent Ifay vntayou,fwearenotat all, 4nobicóóssn neither by heauen,forit is the throne ofgod,&c. Whence they outá/ gather, that howioeuer (wearing was vfed and allowedvn- der the Law,yet no manner of othes are lawful! in the time ofthe Gofpell.Towhich I anfwere,that their interpretation ofthefe words is both wicked and abfurd:firfl,becaufc they hereby make this Scripture contradi& other places, which dir&Aly inioyne ala vfull oth. Secondly, hereby theymake Chrifl condemnc the pra6tife ofhis holy Saints,and cuen of thepen-menofthe holy Scriptures, yea of God the Father himfelfe,as before hath bin (hewed. Yea they make Chri(ts precept contrary to his owne praaife,for he himfelfe vpon waighty occafion vied that earneP and folemne afieuerati- on, Amen, Amen; Verily, verily: which though itfl;ould be nooth,as the Apofile fcemeth to imply that it is, Heb.6. Heb.8.r4.. r 4.yet is it at leali a vehement affeueration,andconfequent- ly more then , yea ,yea , and nay , nay. And moreouer,they make our Sauiour to contradi& his owne words,verfe 77. wherehe faith,that he came not to deflroy the Law or thePro phets,but tofulfili them : for ifhe fhould take away the vfe of a lawful! oth, he fhould dcPrroy part of the Morall law,. which inioyneth it as a part ofGods feruice,& confequent- lyfhould fpoile God his Father of a part of his.worfhip, which was not only required vnder the Law,bttt alto it was . foretold that the Church of Chril thould alfò vfe it in the time ofthe Gofpell :Efa. i9.i8.and 65.76 Thirdly,hereby Efa.r91'1S.& theyouerthrow the law of' natureand nations, whichefla- 65.16, blifhed a lawfull'oth in waighty and neceflary caufes,euen before the lawofMofes,as appeareth in the (lorieofthe Pa- triarchs.Laliy,they hereby weaken truth,by plucking from. it the chiefeband whereby it is (irengthened and confirmed; they take away the meanes to .end controuerfies , and toge- ther with it peace, amitie, andagreement,& fo leaue a wide.: dooreopen to icaloufe, fufpition, difcord anddiffenfione, This interpretation therefore is not tobe receiued,but ra- §,Sefi.7. thet another which admitteth no:rx of the former abfurdi- Mach.s.z4 ties,expew ded?