Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

° That it is & till to take anoth infame cafés. 9 Sauiour laboureth to free thepure law of God from thefe fpots oftheir falfe interpretations,& fheweth,that not On- lyhe who had (laine a man was a murtherer, but heewho hadbeene vniuflly angry withhint in hisheart,and hadre- uiled hirewithhis tongue,that he alto was an adulterer be- fore Godwho in his heart had lufted after a vvoman,as vvel as hewhohad lienwith her. So likewife he refuteth their falfe do&rine concerning othes,andfheweth that we muff not in our ordinary com- munication fweare at all, nonot by the creatures, beeaufe in thefe othes the name of God is obliquely & indirectly taken in vaine , there remaining in them fome prints and chara&ërs"ofGodspower &Maiefly: for they who fweare by heauen,fweare indirectly by God,becaufe heauen is his throne ; fo they that fweareby the earth,fweare altoby him,becaufeit is his footfloole;& in likemanner theTem. ple andAltar belong to his worfhip,andour heads theyare his workmanfhip ; andconfequently his name in them is taken invainebyvfual fwearing in ordinary communica- tion,andmuchmore inperjury and falfe fwearing, though not direCtly,yet indire6tly andobliquely. But they further vrge that our Sauiour expreflyforbid- §. Sett.S. dethvs to fweare at all,and thereforewemuff not fweare The farmereb- neither bythe creatures,nor byGodhimfelfe,neither truly ieelionfurther norfalfly,neither in ordinary communication, noryet be- urged and an- fore aMagiftrate. Towhich I anfwere,that thefe words,at ju'`red. al,arenot to be referred to the oth it felfe,as thoughChrifa fhould forbid to fweare in all cafes, which reference,as I hauefhewed,implieth manyabfurdities ; but it is tobere- ferred to the forme and manner ofthe oth, namely,that we muffnot fweareat all falfly,rafhly,andvfually in our ordi- nary cornmunication,neither direlyby the name ofGod, nor indire&ly by the creatures,whichnotwithf}anding the Pharifies taught to be lawful.For that our Sauiourfpeaketh here only ofprivate othes it is manifcft,in that they didnot in their publike othes before the Magifhates fweareby the creatures,but by the name ofGodalone.And fo alfo it may C be