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g That it %r lazyfull to tdl! dtfeth infOxle catch. ties , and better agreeth with the maine drift and fcope of aria in this place . Now the drift of Chritt was not to take away thevfe ofan oth, and fo to difanull a part of the law, agaìnawhich in the 'beginning ofhis fpeech he proteged, but to vindicate and free it from the corrupt gloíles &: falle expofirions ofthe Pharifies; who tooke away the fpirituall vnderftanding which is the chiefe life of law , and expoun- ded the Commandements ( like the Papifis in theredaies)in a literall and groffe fente onely,namely,ofthe outward fact alone in the groffea kinde.For example,that the fixthCoin- mandement onely forbiddeth aótuall killing; the feuenth, actuall vncleanneffe ; and the third, periurie and falfe fwea-i ringby the name ofGod.For howfoeuer they had the name ofGodhimfclf in fomeoutward reuerence,yet they taught that it was lawfull to fweare in their ordinary communica- tionby the creatures,vAhich didnot immediatly appertaine toGods worfhip and feruice,as the heauens , the earth , the altar,theirhead,and fuch like; becaufe the Commandement onely forbiddeth to take the name of the Lord our God in vaine. And fecondly, they taught that ifa man had fworne by there creatures anddid not keepe his oth,yet he finned not,becaufeit is i:aid;Leuit. 19.12. Teefhdllnotfweare by my Leuit.19.12: namefalfely,neitherfhalt thoudefile the name ofthy God. And this appearethboth in the 5.and 23.Chapters ofMat. where 14ath.5.& 23' Chrift laboureth to confute this falfe doctrine, and to re- forme there abufes.In the fifth Chapter,andverfe 3 3.he pro- poundeth'their do6Irine; Tee haue heard that it was Paid to themof"old'time,7hou(halt not forfweare thyfelfe , but (halt performe thine other to the Lord:but Ifay vntoyou, fwearenot atal,neither byheauen, for it is the throneofGod, &c. Where he fheweth that they had in their doctrine condemned for- fwearing,andnot vaine fwearing,and this falfe (wearing by the sameofGodalone,and not by thecreatures . So in the 1íat,z3,r6.17. 23. Chapter, verfe 16. 17. 18. they taught that theymight fweare by the Temple , by the Altar, and by their head,and that all this wás not`hit3g.; iieitherih regard of their vaine fwéärMg,nór yet forfwcaringby thefe .creatures . Now our Sauiour