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14 That we ought tofweitre by the name ofClad alone, Secondly,here is condemned fwearing by the creatures;. §, '5°51' 6' asby the Sunne,light,fire, bread,and fuch like:which kind Asa ofothes were in vfe among the Pharifies , as our Sauiour theCY ^atlßYei condemned. fheweth, Math. 5, and x 3. and are commonlyvied among(} Mach, ;.and ignorant worldlings in thefe daies ; wherein as they rob as- God ofhis glory, and as it were fpoile the Creator to en- rich the creature,fodoe they hereby exceedingly difhonor themfèlues,in that being their fuperiours by creatiorr,they make themfelues inferiour unto them in fwearing by them: for as theApoftle fpcaketh , menfwearebyhim that is grea- ter then themfelues , and make them their Iudges,whom .6..z6, Godhath Made their feruants,.- §.Sec`t.y. Ofthis kinde alfoare Papifticall tithes, by the Angels, Papi/ticall S.aints,andtheir reliques ; by their Idols , the Ma%,Rood, ,othei..condnn and fuchlike; for as they worfhip the Saints by inuocati- uedera vnlam- on , oblations, pilgrimages, &c. fo alfo by fwearing by ful them . The which their pra&ife is impious and.vaine ; the impiety hereofis manifeft,in that theyrob Godofhis glo- rie,and deifie the creatures by afcribingvnto them diuine worfhip;_the.yanity offuch othes herein appeareth, in that theyare idle and bootleffe ; for invaine it is,and to nopur- pole toinuocate ;any tobeare.witneffe.of our truth,and to punifnfalfhood,vnleffe weacknowledge thctirprefent e- uery where , thebeholders of the molt fecret aelions,yea cum the fearchers of the heart and reines,and almighty topatronize truth,and to infli&deferued punifhments vp- on periured perfons : but all thefe are Gods proper and peculiar attributes,whichare not communicablevnto any Saint or Angel for neither are theyomniprefent,omnifci_ ent, nor omnipotent; and therefore it is idle and vaine to inuocate them by an oth, as witneffes of truthandreuen- gersoffalfhood. Sect 8. Thirdly,here is condemned thole blafphemous othcs by is:afphemaue the feuerall parts ofChrif}s body, which arecú vied other condos- by impious men,euen inordinary communication,where- LLd. with as much as in them lieth,they teary= the precious body oflefus Chrifl in peeves andcrucifie him afrefh : or ifthefe blafphemies proceed from fuperflitious ignorance, then this