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How4n oth is v111.4111011 in rejJieEt ofthe end. 5. this their prae i.fe is idolatrous , in. that theydeifie the tné- bers ofChrif , by afcribingvntothé,whilefi they fwear by thë,Gods incomunicable attributs.ior hovvfoeuer we may lawfully fweare by Chrifi man, yet it is not lawful tofwear byhis humanity,and_much-lcffe by theparts ofhis body. Lafidy ; here is condemnedHerathenifh tithes by the gods §,SeCt.90 oftheGentiles , which we.are forbidden-fo *nuch as to re- Heathenifh member by their natnes,as appeareth Exo ;2 3. z 3.Hof.2.17.othes tandem- An examplewhereofwe haue in La6an, Gen.; i the Ëdoh z Ifraclits, Ierem. 14.r6. and in many fchollers amongfl our Hof.Za 7. } fclues,who affecting the Latine elegancy,vfe in their ora- Gen.3t I. tions and exercifes Heathenifh othes, as xdipol,mehercule, (cre.14.16. per !omen.: immortalem, &c. But accurfcd be that elegancy which is ioyned with idolatry, & robbcthGodofhis glo- rie,to befiow it vpon Idol's. And fo suchconcerning theobiea'of our othes. Nov §.Sec`s i a. we are briefly to fpeakeofthe end , in regardwhereofit is 0f the ridof a' required,that our oth doth principally refpe& the glory of lawAli ask. God,and fecorxdaril_your owne, or our neighbours good. We glorifieGod inour oth,when as confirming thereby a neceffary truth, -we magnifie his omnifcience, iuftice,and power : -we benefit our (clues , when as we'-tnaintaine our owne right,or defendour owne innocency ; our neighbor, eitherwhen weperfw-ade him tobeleeuea neceffary truth,. or take away-the caufes ofdifcord and contention. In refpe&-therfore of theendwe fweare vnlawfully, whé §,SeE , r r, in taking o.ur othWe doe not refp-e& ,either the glorie OfHarp anorb God,or our oWn,or our neighbours good;as wile.' through?s vnlasrfull rage& anger men btirfi out into fwearing,as though they nd fpc °ftha' would reuenge thesnfelue's-upon God for the iniuries they haue receiued ofrnen; When in-ordinary dealing they c_oft- tenance aprofitáble'lie=bÿ afalfe-oth; and-when fluf fing their- ordin'arie talke with vaine:othes, they affe& the praife of -a generous &couragious fpirit,or leeke for-their othes fake to haue all their words credited.But that is but aweake proofeeitherofGentilitie orNobility, which is a manifeft argument that we are the fl:aues ofSatan it is no- true courage defperatly to leape intohel 6re;,and ordinary £we.aring;