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z 6 Theproperties ofa lawful(oth. fwearing is no ligneoftruth ,feeing it vfuallyproceedeth from a guilty conceit oftheir owne want ofcredit : for if they thought their wordworthy refpe6 , to what purpofe mould theyvfe othes?Nay rather vfuall fwearing is afgne of the fwearers falihood ; for therefore they fwearebe- caufe their Pimple word is of no credit . And when they haue done al they can, an honeft mans word is better to be efteetned then all their othes, namq:si deierat peierat; he that often fweareth,often forfweareth. CHAP. II1I. Ofthe properties of a lawfull cth. +,01 Nd fo much for the end of our othes. In re- _ fpe6t ofthe mauer, wefweare lawful!y whé we fweare in truth,iuflicc , and fudgement; al which are required vnto a lawful oth by Iere.4.:. the Lord himfelfe : Iere. 4. z. Andthou 'halt fweare the Lordliueth,intrstth,inisadgement, and rn righteoufnefe. Firfl, it is required that we fweare in truth , that is, firft ) ive muff that in our oth,our fpeech agree with the thing : & fecond- fwearin trutb ly,our minde with our fpeech.And contrariwife we fweare vnlawfully,whenwe faile in either of thefc; that is, when we fweare a thing that is falfe,or falfly. A thing falfe,when as we fweare an vntruth , the fpeech difagreeing with the thing; which is done purpofely or vnaduifedly. Falfly,whé as we fweare the truth , but deceitfully and with a purpofe todeceiue,the heart and tongue not agreeing togethcr,the which finne is forbidden and condcmned,Leuit.z 9.1z.and Leuit.r912, punifhed withGods fearefull curfe , Zach. 5.4. Neuerthe- Zach.5.4. lefle, howfoeuer this be condemned as a great fin in Gods word,aud abhorred as a deteflable pra&ife euen arnongfl the ancient Heathens ; yet it is iuflified as lawfull by the Papil+s , both in their pralife andwritings ; who auouch that a man may vfe inhis othes , equiuocations,andmen- tali referuations,wherein oftentimes the mind and tongue are oppofed toone another in flat contrariety. And