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g-.Sett.;. 3, We tsufi fweareán it:dg went. Itere.4 I.á. Math.5.34. PIutarcó, uRfi. Rara. Theproperties op Cow f ill oth. The third property required to a lawful! 8th is,that we fweare in iudgement, that is,that we vie the nameofGod inour othes,reuerently,and holily,confcionably,and with great deliberation and circumfpeÒtion.And fecondly,that we vfe it fparingly,vvhen as weare neceffàrily vrged there- unto.As when theperfonvnto whomwefweare,can no o therwife be perfwadedofaneceffary truth;wh-e as the truth cannot be demonfirated,by reafon,tefiimony,or other ar- guments ; when as it is neceffary for the adtiancement of Gods glory,orfor the furthering offome charitablework, either publik.eor private, refpe&tingeither our neighbour or our felues: Forfeeing an oth is not abfolutelygood but vpon the condition of neceffity, therefore we nut} not fweare but when fovne neceffary caufe confiraineth vs;for, bonasmneceffarinmextra terminas neceftatisnon ofbarium: that is, a neceflarygood is not good but when it is necef- fary. And hence it is,that the Hebrew word vied for fwea- ring being pafliue, fignifieth tobe fworne rather then to fweare whereby is implied that we are nor to take-an oth, as voluntary agents, but onlyas patients, when as necefli. ty vrgeth vs thereunto , as Pagnine hath obferued . We therefore fwearevnlawfully, when as we donot fweare iii judgement, that is, whenwe fwearevnreuerently., rafhly; and vnneceffarily; inwhichrefpe&menprincipally offend whenas noneceflityvrging them, vponeuery flight occa- fion,idely,rafhly, and vainly they prophane the holy name of God in their ordinary communication . The which manner of fwearing iuflified by the Pharifies, Chrifi con, demneth, Mat. 5.34And theApof}le !ames.diffwadeth fr6 it,Iam. 5. i 2. Yea euen the Heathens themfelues whohad only the light of nature to be their guide, did diflike this vaine and rafh fwearing by their Idols and falfe gods. And therefore, asPlutarch recordeth, the Romans would not fuffer their children to fweare by theIdol Hercules within dores , but inioined them firth to goabroad, that hereby they might refiraine them from rafh fwearing,and giue vn- to them time to deliberate oftheir ot1.i.. Nóty-