Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Thwother are abuftdby vanefrre4ring. 23 diefe little ones, and by their ill prefidents,leade them into their finnes and fo plunge them headlong into eternall perdition. And as all forts-ofpeople arc poyfoned with this fin of§.Seth. r o. prophane fwearing,ro is there not anyplace free from this No placepri- w.ickedneffe. lfyou goe into the Court,youwould thinke ualedged from that you are come into a fchoolc of blafphemy ; ifyou vai ei jrvcaf, walke in the ftreets of the Citie, you would imagine thatririg. youare come amongft their fchollers,whohaue heard this lecture ofimpiety,and are now repeating it,that they may growmore perfect. Turne auide into the country,and you ihal find,thar the fillieft are wife enough to this euil,& that the ru.deft in fpeech can be eloquent in blafphemy ; as though howfoeuer they are excelled by courtiers and ci- tizens, in riches and coftly attire;.yet they difdained that they fhould furpaffe them in:.brauery of fwearing, and in variety ofnew fafhionedother. There is no time thought vufeafinab.le for this finne,no Seîit rr: company priuiledged no occafion fovnfit which will not , minifter co thefe mifcreants matter ofblafphemy. Are the l' Y Youafion merry ? then . othes Elie out apace as though theywere the thought vnßt muficke of their mirth. Are they incenfedwith furious an- for tbu0-4. ger ? they can expreffe their rage no better, thenby defpi_ tingGodwith their bloody.othes Are theyrecreating the-. felues in games &paftimes?Ifthey becrowed in their plea- fures , or fuf}aine any loffe , they expreffe theirpaffton by curled fwearing . Are they imploied in their worldly burl, nefie,in buyingand felling,or labouringwith their hands? on euery occafion, they blafphemy Gods holy name,ei. therwhé they would get profit,or doe fuiaine any damage and hurt.Are they offendedwith any ? they fnew their dif-. pleafure in the language of othes . Are they fatisfied and well pleated with any occurrent ? then as rauithed in forne wondrous extafie ofioy., theymake their othes expreffe their contentmt.Are they refolucd to perpetrate anywic- kedneffe ? they confirme their purpofes with bloudy othes, bringingvpon themfelues awilfullneceffty ofdoing euil, becaufe they haueobliged thenifelues thereunto, with the