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§.SeEf.IZ. Tipgreat va- rietyoFothes which: are cé- ni onlyvjed. Zach.534 24 How other acreabufed by 'relinefwearing. religious bond oían oth, andhaue made Godhimfelfe the furetyoftheir finne.In a word,vnto fuch a cuftome andha- bite offwearing are men come in thefe daies, that(likemé defperatly difeafed ) their excrementsand filthcone from them at vnawares, in fomuchas when a man reproues thë for their blafpheniies,theyare readie to fwear that they did not fwear.And as by much labour the hand is fo hardened that it bath no fenfe of labour ; fo much fwearing caufeth fuchabrawny skin of fenfelefnes, to ouerfpread theheart, memory , and confcience, that the fwearcr oftentimies fwearethat vnawares; andhauing fworne bath no reinem- brance ofhis oth,and much leffe repentance forhis finne. To conclude this point;as there is great plenty,fo is there an great variety ofothes:for men fwearing more in pride and brauery , then for neceffity, it is come to paffe, that as they take pride in change offuites and (?range kinds ofap- parell,fo alío in variety of new-fafhioned othes. Andas there are fome who tire their wits in the inuenti6offlráge tires, and newhabits : fo are there inour finfull times fome hinnies ofSatan, who deuifevnhcard of othes,that by this variety theymay take away all fatiety offwcaring,& keep themfelues andothers, from being glutted with the com- monvfe ofthe fame othes . Searle fweare by the creatures, fome by the Saints,Mafle andRood fomeby the dreadful name ofGod ; but moil ofal blafpheme our Sauiour Chriff himfelf pullinghis foule iroom his body,and tearing peece- meale his precious mëbers one from another,diuerfifying their othes according to the diuers parts ofhis facred bo- dy.Butlet al fuch know,that as theywantonize in their fin, & impioufly inuent new kinds ofblafphemies, to Lhe great difhonour ofAlmightyGod , fo the Lordwil be as acute and ingenious in inuenting new& vnheard ofplagues,for the punifhment of their impiety;andwil glorifie that name which they haue difhonored, by rnfliáTing on them deier- tied vengeance. And if awhole volume will not containe the multitude oftheir othes,then theLord bath in flore for tbem,awhole volumeofhis plagues,and that in the largefl folio, as appeareth, Zach. 5, 2. .So that thofe who hearing thci