Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

WetWs toperfwadeall men to le4uevaine f vearfisg. 27 and made vnclean,which being in it felfe goodandholy,is prophaned by coinmon vfe ; whereof it is that thefe phra- fes of fpeech,tobee made common and tobepolluted,are promifcuoufly taken in the fame Cgnificatiô , as appeareth A61 , To rq., And fecondly, this prophane (wearing excee- A&zo.t 4. -dingly derogateth frô Gods gloriousmaiefly : for if euery ordinarymanholdethhimfelfe mocked& abufed,whenhe is often called vpon by his name, the party who calleth him hauing nothing to fay vnto him; and if the meanefi Prince vpon the earth would account it afoule difgrace 8e great difparagement to his efiate, if his nacane fubieets íhould appealevntohim as theirIudge in euery triflingbu- fineffe,and produce him as a witneffein eueryflight caufe, which either needeth no proofe, as being a matterofno importáce,or may eafily be proued,ei tiler by manifefi rea- fons,or more inferiour teflimonies; then what difhonor & difgrace do we offer to this fupretne Maiefly,themoil glo- rious Kingofheauen and earth,when in our ordinary fpee- ches and bufineffes we doe in an idle and fenfeleffe manner name him,hauing no occafionat all to fpeakc vntohim,or inuocate himby our other as a witneffeor Iudge,in euery trifling and needleffe bufineffe, which either deferueth no proofe,or mayeafilybe prouedby othermeanes; Peeing he is the chiefe foueraigne and fupreme Iudge ofheauenand earth, vnto whom we are only to appeale in matters of higheft natureand greatefl neceffìty. Lafily,ifaccording to the common praetife of the Ions of §.SeEL.3. 13elial,weblafphemoufly fweareby the feueral parts ofIe- The irisa. fus Chrifi,as his flcfh,bloud, heart and fuch like; what doe great fin to we elfe but as much as in vs lieth in molt defpiteful maner jeuer U pas crucifiehim afrefh,and make a mock of his incarnation & ofcbrifi. flitBrings ?Whatdowebut'tnofl vngratefully difhonour him,who took vpô him our fraile flefh,indured a 'inferable life,and fuffered a curfed death, that fo hemight work the worke ofour redemption , make vs of the heires ofperdì- tionand firebrands ofhel,the c,'drenofGoj,and inhcri- tours oftheCteriíáll ioyes of Goth kingdonae? Inaword, what doew clfe hcreby but cauílc ly aßá diehli- E a ncufnelfe