Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

26 Mot ines to perfwerdsall men toLemkevaine(wearing. in lyingwithout an oth lawfull,And that we may the rather bemou.ed to yeeld obedience to this commandement, he adioyneth a ilrong rcafon;namely,that whatfocuer is more, inour ordinary communication,thenyea yea,or nay nay, commeth ofcuill.For either it is cull in him that fweareth, as when he fwearethvolútarily, vainly,andwithout caufe; or when hawingmade fhipwrack ofhis credit byhis cuflo- mable lying, he cánot gain beliefe to his fpeeches without an oth.Orelfe it is cuil in himwho compellethanother to an oth,when as cauflefly hefufpeClethhis truth , &wil not. giue credit to his affertions orpromifes, though his word . be ofapprouedcredit, and his whole courfeoflife vpright and iuft. The Apoflle famesallo following in theReps of his Lord andMailer, inforccth this commandement with no final vehemency:Tara.S , i2.TeforealthinQs,mybrethren, fwear not,neither by head, nor byearth,nor by any other oth: but letyouryea beyea,andyournay nay , leflyoufallinto con-. demnation. So that it is not a commandement ofleafl re- gard,or amatter of fmall moment to abftaine from vaine 1wearing,feeiiig theApoftle chargeth vs aboue al things to forbeare from thefe vnneceffary othes,in our ordinary cti- munication, and to contentour felues with a fimpleaffir- mationofthe truth,& negati6 of that which is otherwife. Secondly, we are to auoide this prophanc pra&ife of 3.Bccdufe all vaine fwearing, becaufe it is an hainows fin, what maner of k de of'voine, othes foeuer we vfe : for ifwe fweare by any thing tfiv ra is not God , weherebydeifie it,by afcribingvnto it Gods, nrteaam incommunicable attributes of omnifcience , omnipre-. 'fence,omnipotence,as bath been (hewed, and fo fpoile the Lordofhis glory by attributing it to the creatures ; and likewife an oth bung a kind ofinuocation, and confe-. qu&ly a part ofGods worfhip,we commit anhigh degree ofidolatry,when as we communicate it vnto anycreature. Ifwev.fually fweareby Gods holyname,we by making it common doe polluteand prophase it, contrary to the ex- Leetit.2 32; . prefle commádement ofAlmighty God.Leu.22.32.Te(hall not pollutemyhodname,bist I»i-1be hallowedamong thechit- driofIfr4el,For that is faid in the Scriptures to bcpolluted and