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Metiue.r toperfwade allnoes to frame vainefwwearing. _2,9 andSidon, Sodom&Gomorrahat the day ofiudgement, thert for the people of the Iewes ; fo (hall it be eafier for the Iewes at that day,then forthefe blafphemers. Thirdly, we are to abhorre this vain and prophane fovea- §.SeSL4, ring,becaufe it doth fmother andchoake in vs the chiefe 3.Bec4ufe graces ofGodsfpirit.As for example,inuocátion&praier; vaine (mea. for with what face can weprefume in the time ofwant and" doró f thee afflidion,to call vpon that name for helpe, whichwe haue e graces e fGods fo often abufed by prophane fwearing ? So alto faith infinrir, Chrifls merits ; for howcan we beleeue that Chriffsbody was crucified forvs,whichwe fo often & defpitefully cru- cifie veto our felnes afrefh, or that his blood (hall wafh a- wayour frnnes , whichby impious andprophaneiwearing we haue fo often trampled vnder our feote as an vnholy thing,making but a mockeofit ? It ouerthroweth alloour affiance inChrifl,both in this life, and at theday ofiudge- ment; for how can we trufl in himas our Sauiour, whom wedaily defpite ,as thoughhewere our enemy ? how can we when we are cited before the tribunali of Chrif},hold vp our heads with any affuranceof fauour , when as our c.onfciences (hall tell vs,that we haue feldome remembred him, but to blafpheme him and hang more often named hire in our othes,then in our praiers ? Fourthly, this vaine fwearing is to beauoided, becavit §.SeEts, it is a vice which ill befeemeth thofe whomake profefìon4 arcaa/eth s ofChriflianity; for aChriflians fpeech (horrid bepoudred Lice ill befee with falt , and not with othes ; it (hould not bevnfauorie, meth4Chri. and_much leffe flincking and noiforn :it fhould minifler Ivan. Col 4 6 grace to the hearers, and not like a contagious leprofie feel the weak,nor like thornesand fwords,vex andgrieue Ephcf. 4 2.1, the flrong.For howfoeuereuil men can eafilie paffe it ouer, when they heareGods name difhonoured,as beinga thing which doth not at all concerne them; yet if thole who truely feare the Lord, and be zealous ofhis glory, heare thefe blafphemies,that heart quaketh , their ioynts tr.em- ble,and their haire flandeth vp an end, as it is,Fccl.27.14. Moreouer it is a vndoubted badge , and infallible note ofa prophane perfonwho makethconference ofno finne, l 3 but'.