Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

3o Motines toperjwadealt *unto !easeevanef irearring. but would ( ifhe might with as'little danger or difcredit doe it)commit anymaner ofwickcdnefl'e. And hence it is that as Salomon maketh it a true note of afaithfull man,to haue a reuerétrefpe6t of an oth;fohe.pinneth.itas abadge EccIt.9.i. `upon the wickedmans fleeue,that he maketh no cófcience ,ofcuflomable (wearing. For as he parallelIeth'& oppofeth the wicked to the iufl, the pure to the polluted,the (inner to the goodman:fo likewife,thevfuall fwearer-tohim that feareth an .oth . The reafon is manifea;for ifneither Gods loue, mercy , goodneffe, nor the innumerable benefits whichhe bath multipliedon them, can reflraine them fr6 this vaine &vnprofitable finne,wherinthere is no refpe&, fomuch as of any worldlygood; thenwe may vndoub- tedly conclude , that were it not for feare of humane lawes,they wouldiftheir lulls momued thcm,as eafilyand :readilycommit adultery, theft,or anyother capitali finne, which haue the wordly baits ofpleafure,profir,or prefer- ment to allure them; for he that will not Rieketo offend God,gratis,and for no benefit,will much more de it, when he is hired with pleafureor profit. S.SeEb.6. Fiftly,becaufe it is an horrible abufe ofour tongue,when s.Becaufe as the Lord hauing given this excellent.member, for the usineBaring feting forth.ofhis glory, we abufe it tohis diihonour,by u Qnhorrible chafeofear láfpheming our Creator,and make that which fhould bec tongues, the trumpet ofGodspraife, the trumpet ofSatan, topro- clamewarre againff heauen,andan open defha.nce againa Godand all goodneffe. Whereby we;uffly dcferue(fceing we thus abufe this excellent facultyoffpeech , which the Lord bath priuiledgedvs with,aboue al the ref( ofhis crea_ tures,to thedifhonor ofthe giuer;andwheras the heaucns declare the gloryofGod, and the earth.íheweth his handy worke,and al the ref+ ofthe creatures in their feueral kinds doewith their dumbe eloquencemagnifie and praife their Creator,wec6trariwife difgrace him with hellifh blafphe- mies and impious othes :) we deferue,I'fay,that theLord Mould ffrike vs with prefent dvmbnefle, and calf vs out as hedid Nebucadnezer,from the focietyofnien , among the bruteand fauagebeans, till with himwee haue learned to fycake