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M.tisies toperfrwadc ßc11 stn to IWOvainfwsarinS. 3 t Cpeake to Gods glory,,and to magnifie the mercic of our Creator.. S Iy, we are to auoidvainefwearing, as being a notable s.Sé11,7. caufc and necetrary forerunner of that damnable fnne of 6Betfa faeat a periarie; namqii dé:erat,peierat,he that often fweareth,c .fa ten forfwearcth.To which purpofe one faith : Cauefacilita_fo'erunnerof periu tern iurandi ; cam defacilitatenafcatur confsetudo , excon.' " fiiettsdineperiursum,ex periurio blafhemia;.bewareofincii- nablcncilé to fweare in ordinary communication ; for of in clinablenetfe ari(eth cuflome; of cuflome perjury; andof perjury horrible blafphemy . And this commeth to patio both becaufe cu(lotne of fwcaring takethaway all reuerent- regard of an oth , vponwhich followcth forgctfulneffe of that which is fworne,and fo vtter mile&ofperformance;&. alfo,becaufe mens tonguesbeing inured thereunto , doe as familiarlyvie it.,as aAmpleaffirmation and negation , and corsfequently they doe no oftener afirme an vntruth ; then theyare ready to confirmeit with the deepcflothes.An ex- amplewhereofwehaue inSaul,who being the greateíl.íwea- rer that we readof in the Scriptures, and makingnocon- (rience ofan oth,made as little account ofdamnable periu--r.Satn.1,.6:I5- ryas appcareth,t.Sarn.J9;6.I.5,_ Scuenchly , let. vs flee this prophane vice of-common 4. Sell.$. fwearing, alwaies remembring that ['wearers haue a fcarc- 7.Becau¡e full account to makeat the day of judgement,. For ifan ac- va`nef ewrer, count mull be giuen of euery idle word, then howmuch blue aleare- more oft uet yvaine and bloudy oth ifthey ilia!! not ef: make at :b cape punifbment , who haue fpoken idly and vainely , how day ofiudge. fearefull(hall.their condemnationbe, who in their ordinary meat. talke haue fpokenimpioufly and bla1phemoufly Eightly ,let vs call to mindethe number numberleffeof4.Se5.9.. Gods infinite mercies,both inour creation, preferuation,& 8.Gods mani-- redemption,,and chinke with our felues what a foulelhamc fold,r,i,es it is for vs thus ro otfenda ainfl this niaieflie whichwec0udrejtrain g vx fiom va,AS. haue found fo mercifull and gracious,, efpecially by thisfwearing.. finnc,which as itisvntohimmoil odious, in thatt robbcth himof his glory,which is moll dearcvnto him; Co it bring- ohno appearanceofguod vnto vs; for.whercasother fumes hake: