Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Excufes alleagedfor dainefwea ing,anfwered, 37 make to the contrary, they like andloue their finne,& take a pride in vtîngofit.Wherof it mutt needs follow,that how - focuer theft men pleafe thcmfelues, as though all were wc11, and haue put their fecure confciences to Clenceby this vain excuCe,yet in truth their ef}ate is molt wretched,fceing they are content to lire in a knowneGnne without repentance, which,ifit be final!, % HI enter them into the certarnc poffe( fion ofeternall death . Y a but many of them will fay,that they rep.'nt oftheir firne, for after they haue vainly (worne they finite themfelues on the brea(}, and aske God forgiue- neffe.0 blindnctfc to bepitied if it were not wilfully atfec`t -- ed !Is this the mends which thou makelt, inhypocritical! manner to finite thybrea(i, for piercingof thySaviour ? Is this a praieracceptable vnto God,or like to return with fruit into thy bofome , when thou aske(t forgiueneife with a pur- pole ail to olfend,anddeGref} his pardon,as a priuiledge,by verrue whereof thoumaiff (ecurelygoe forward in thy line Is this the repentance which God requireth to finite the breaff,and to aske forgiuenellewith famed lips ? when as in the meane time the heart is not (mitten at all with bitter griefe,nor earneffly refolued in a true hatred to leaue this fin fovaine,and fo unprofitable i? If for euery oth thefe }wearers fhould fuflaine the leali worldly lofhe,or indure the lea(} be.. dil y punifhment, cuen the lofeof a groat , or the fmart ofa phillip, it would Toone reclaime them from their cull! cu- t-tome ;and yet fo bafcly doe they effeeme the Caluátion of their Coules, fo little dot they feare the hellifh torments, fo flenderlydoe they regard the Lordscommandetnent,and fo meane a ref-pec l theyhaue of his Maiefly either to loue,or feare him ,,that they cannot linde in their hearts to weane themfelues from this wicked cuf}ome ofvaine fwearing, which bringethvnto themno benefir,nonotfo much as any worldly profit or aduantagc. Saythereforenomore that it is an vnre(ìf}ablecuflome,hut rather thy carnal prophanenes, and vtter contempt of God , which conttnueth thee in this finne. Neither alleageany longer this vaine excu(e,which loth but proclaime thy fohie and aggrauatethy fault; ma- king itqucflionablewhether-thy fottifhncffc or impietyex- F3 csed