Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

;6 Exewrfes allectgedfor vane f vearing,anfwered. hearts vnto the Lordwho is the only fearcher of them,and take their reafons as they propound them,yet will they make little for their vaine fwcaring,but rather much again(' it. For as when the Lord inioyncth his true worfhip, flee dothnot thereby approueofall manner ofworfhipwhich is done vn- to him, but oncly that which himCelfe prefcriheth; yea ra- ther thereby Eorbiddeth and condemneth al humane inuen_ tions,will- wotfhip , and fuperflitious meanes ofhis fcruice, and ref}rainetb vs both for the matter and manner vnto his reuealedwil : fo when the Lordcommandeth andcommen- deth vnto vs a lawful) oth,thar hereby his name maybeglo- rified,the truth cleered and defended,andwe difcerned from Heathens, Pagans , and all manner of idolaters; he doth not approue of vaine (wearing, for in his law hebath abfolutcly condemned this taking of his name in vaine, but that wee (Weave in that manner which heehath prefcribed, in truth, rtghtcoufnell'e,and judgement : that is, for confirmingofa nece(fary truth,whichcan by noother lawful means beclee- red,and not vpon cuery vainand triflingoccafion;with fears and reucrenceofGods Maieffy,as being in his prefence,and not in a Cwaggcring humour, impioufly and irreligioufly ai- ming inour othes neither at Godsglory,nor thegoodofrnE. S. Set.2, Others there are who arcnot come to that audacious im- The ea . pudency, to defend their vaine (wearing as lawfull,and yet vaineÎvvcaring neuerthelelfc ifthey be taxed and reprooued for it, will not by cufome ta- fhcke to pretend many excufes, why either they cannot or kmaway. will not legue it.Some allcage for theirexcuCc,that theyhaue beetle inured to Inch a naughtie cullomeofiwearing, that howfocuer they difallow it in rhemfélues,vet they fail into it at vnawares , and can byno meanes gale it over. But did theycuerindeedcandeenne it as a (inne and Khcnifclues for falling into it? Were they euer Cerioully and roundly gricued at their hcarts,becaufe thereby they haue dilpleafed and dif- honoredGod ? Do they lothcand hate this wicked cu(}ome, andearneflfy labourtoaweane themfclues from it ? Alas their consciences tell them that they doenothing leffe but either that they carelcflyneglea. to let a watch before theirlippes that they maynot thusolfend,or thatwhat thew focuer they niaJe