Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

others mnere- daiìty,ne dif. penfat;on for vainefwea- ring. 4% Excufe.r alleagedforvalve firearinsonfwereet. wecannot be credited, vnleffc we fweare; yet thisgiupth vs no difpenfation for othes in light or needlcfíéoccafons, Peeing weare rather to obey our Saviour IefusChri(Iscom_' ma.ndement,who hath forbidUcnvs to fweareinourordina- ry communication , then byvaint (wearing to gainecredit toour fpeechc<,or to farisfiefuch fufpitious and incredulous perfons,who will not belecue vs without anoth . For here. bywe (bail approueour obedience to God , by making con - fcienceoftranfgreflìng his law: whereas they byfufpeeting, our word without caufe,do hereby but proclaime their ovine . pra(lifeoflyingand fal(hood, for who is more ready to(uf:. pe& vnknownecuillin another, then he who is guilty to hiin(elfeofhisownenaughtinetíe? CHAP. VIL Ofthe meaner to weanevs.fromvaine awl cultomaklefivearing. Nd Co much for anfwerevnto fuch excufes as arev(uallyalleaged for cuff omable fwearing. Now to theend that al thofe who are mooucd with thatwhich bathbeenefaid, toaholy re- folution offorfaking this wicked pradife, may thebetter bee enabled to attune vnto their defire,I wig breefly for a concluf6 ferdown themeans, by the carefull vfe whereof we may breakeoff this wicked §,Sell, i; cu(Iome ofvainc fwearing . And firü,as in the curing ofbo- dily difeaCes,the bcfi.courfe is to take away thecaufes there- of; fo ifwe would haue our foules cured of this finful lick- racfTe ofvaine fwearing , we mull endeuour toremonue the 7Jvemhft mires fromwhich it chieflyarifeth. And thefe areprincipal- /bunimpatien-ly foure;the fitt}is irnpatiency & furious anger,whichbring ty and furious a (port madnes, makethvs to forget for the time,not only al anger, humanity towards men, but al duty, & refpecî whichweowe" vnte'od,and inbarbarous and defpitcful maner,to loadhis holy name with blafphemíes, as though hewerethe.onely cau(e ofourdifcontentmenr,eirherby inQìóting ornot aucr- ring