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The means towanevsfromvainefrveariNg. 43 Ling the culls which vex and gricue vs. For the purging a- way ofwhich franticke humours, I referre the reader to the perueng and vie of thole fpirituail rcccits which I haue prescribed for theft impatient patients ., in my treatife of Anger. The fecond caufe of vaine (wearing to be remooued,is §.Sell, z. pride , and vaine glory, whick rnakethmen to vnderval ue caufe fecond their.othes, lcf} they themlelues should be vridervalued, ngto for therefore they fweare in theirordinary communication, be ear:ngto either becaufe theywould appeare gallants,full offpiritand u /rride and valour, and gaine the reputation ofGentlemen and menofvaincglo;y. wordwhich com- worth; o ofcheir mouth rrefpceted andb mechout lecuedas an ora- cleof infallible truth. The third caufc ofvainc (wearing, is greedy couetoufnes; §.Sea. 3. for when as men haue r efolued with themfelues,that they The third greedy will be rich , they dare not dependupon God in thevfe of coucro reffe. lawfull meanes, but take all indirc 6 courfes for the increa- fngoftheir wealth , as lying and drifembling , bribing and opprefilon, all manner of fraud and deceit: and among the reti , fwearing, and forfwearing,in theirordinary trading, bying and felling , that thereby gaining credit t them- felues, theymay either buy,or put off their wares at abetter rate.Thofe therefore who would auoidc vainefwearing,they mutf firff remooue this fpecial caufe therofgreedie auarice, and learne toretl and dependvpon theprouidenceof God, wholeblefl'ing alone maketh rich; and gcuethvnto menbe- ing enriched the comfortable fruition of that which they doepotich e. The fourth caufeof vaine (wearing is externall,namely, §. our h the fufpition and incredulity of others,who will notbeleeue Thefo th a bare affertionor promifc, vnletie itbeconfirmed with an caufe of vaind oth :for the remouing whereofwe are to obferue theApo- ther: iaere.. files pra&ile,indeuouring tohaueaiwaya cleere confcicnce, elutity. not only towards God, but alfo towards men. For ifwewalk Ad,a4.16, vnblameably in our liuesand conuerfation , ifwe fohighly value truth that we will all it at no rate , ifwekeepe touch and obferueour promifes notCooneywhen they are a